Zenofon – Select Call Quality – WORST Feature

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When Zenofon first launched, it took the VoIP world by shock. There unique referral system was perfect for people who wanted to make free calls. But those days are over and things have cooled down and the real mask of Zenofon was taken out. Zenofon has most likely the worst phone call quality out of all VoIP service. There is a lot of background noise and it takes many tries just to get connected to India, Bangladesh, or Pakistan.

There newest feature is a interesting one but a worthless one! Let me explain. They implemented a system where users will be able to call and if they do not appreciate the call quality they are able to choose out of 10 numbers the quality they want. Now there are MANY things wrong with this picture!

For example, say you are calling India and you just lost money calling the first time. Then you want to switch so you do so. You switch to #2 connection and call again, then it still is not good. So you switch again and again. Do you get the picture? In the end, you are the one losing immense amounts of money to “try” there connections when it could be the same one.

With this new feature, Zenofon will be able to steal even more of your money by giving bad customer service and quality. It is a promise of a VoIP Service to give the best route with best quality. If the customer has to do the choosing then this is wrong. Zenofon must give the perfect quality right from the start.

It is recommended that you DO NOT try Zenofon! You will lose alot of your money and there is no need for it. There are plenty of better services out there.

Final Verdict: Do not try Zenofon!

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