Will Google develop an Android VOIP App with GoogleVoice?

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Fring developed first VOIP app, what will Google do?Google Android VOIP

Google has been expanding there company in all directions possible. They entered the telecommunication industry and now is a big shot at that. They developed the Android phone and the GoogleVoice in the phone business. VOIP is still new to Google so they bought Gizmo5, a well established VOIP service. Google gets what they want.

Fring has announced the world’s first Android VOIP application. Well Google has lost this battle because they were not the first. What does this mean? What do you think Google will do? Looking at there trends of takeovers, most likely Google will develop there own Android VOIP app to compete with Fring.

Google owns two of the most used services in the world, Voice and Gizmo5. If they wanted they could develop the best VOIP application for any phone made ever. Integrated Gizmo5 with GoogleVoice to produce an Android VOIP application would be revolutionary. There is already a Android Voice application in the market today but it is not a VOIP application. Let us see the scenarios that Google might incorporate.

Google VS Fring VOIP

Google uses Gizmo5’s SIP Service

Google uses Gizmo5 with AndroidThis is the most anticipate outcome. Acquiring Gizmo5 was a big step in the VOIP world. This means Google will slowly integrate themselves towards VOIP. This means free VOIP phone calls to hundreds of countries. Great news for consumers. Most likely, the three services will be integrate into one in the future. GoogleVoice, Gizmo5, and Android all-in-one application for the Droid phone. This would put many cell phone service providers in worry. Around the world today, many big cities have WIFI connection in almost all corners. This means users can deduce there cell phone plans to the cheapest possible and use the WIFI to make the cheapest VOIP calls.

Google gives GoogleVoice SIP Capabilities

GoogleVoice goes to VOIPThere is already a Voice application for the Android phone. Scenario #2 could be that Google will develop Voice into a full blown SIP service. Meaning people can use it from there softphone such as Xlite. This would put all the SIP providers out there right now into worry. I mean who would use other SIP providers if Google can provide the same service for free. They might develop the Voice app on the Android to allow SIP settings and this would turn into a VOIP application for the Android.

Google is always on top. That seems like there moto. There is nothing wrong with that because they always always satisfy there customers. Fring has done something amazing wit there VOIP application that many have not done yet. If Google wants they can bury Fring at any point in time. If they want they can purchase Fring. If they want they can develop a VOIP application and then no one would see the reason to use the Fring program.

There are many things Google could do from this position, but he main question is: Will Google developed Android VOIP app with Google Voice? Share your scenarios and opinions. Will Google give its users free VOIP phone calls?

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