Why uVOIPit is better than Dial91

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uVOIPit vs Dial91

These providers are very good but in the end uVOIPit takes the win. Dial91 has been used by many people in the US to make calls abroad. This was when they first started and had the cheapest rates. AS more VoIP services have entered the market rates keep coming lower and well Dial91 falls behind.

Recently Dial91 lowered there India rate to 1.48 cents/minute. After many years in the business they finally lowered there rate, this shows that they are not worried about cheap calls but profit. uVOIPit right from launch date has given calls to India at 1.5 cents/minute and promise that this will be lowered even further. It is easy to see who cares about cheap calls and who cares about profits.

Dial91 is a calling card service that is only strong for calls to India. Meaning you will need to find another provider to make calls to other countries. Why go into that hassle? What if you need to make a emergency call to a different country, are you going to look for a temporary service? uVOIPit gives cheap calls to India and 200 other countries as well. There rates are cheap and reliable.

Dial91 rates to Bangladesh and Pakistan are just outrageous. Who pays 11 cents/minute to call Pakistan? uVOIPit rate to Pakistan is 6 cents/minute. That is a 5 cent saving! Bangladesh at uVOIPit is 3.3 cents and Dial91 is 3.9 cents. Why pay more? Economy is not in a good shape and every cent counts. Saving money is a virtue.

In conclusion, Dial91 cannot competed with uVOIPit. They have failed in all aspects of comparison and it is recommended that one use uVOIPit instead.

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