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Most people are talking about the Voice over IP being the next biggest innovation in telecommunications. However, before you join in drumming up support for this kind of innovations, you need to understand why it’s predicted to create ripples in the world of telecommunications in the years to come. One needs to get acquainted with some of the benefits or the unique features which gives it such a higher rating.

The VoIP is notably very economical, especially in terms of cost savings. Compared with the conventional telephones, the voice over IP has got significant cuts on the costs which are significantly experienced in the areas which are characterized with long distance rates. The cutting on costs in this case is made possible through a number of VoIP service providers offering plans with unlimited long distance calling at flat rates. What’s more is that the monthly flat rates are also generally very low to the long distance subscribers.

Apart from just the unlimited long distance calling rates, VoIP service providers also have got unlimited usage plan for their subscribers. These are available in different price ranges of $15 to $30 every month. Subscribers have got the opportunity to enjoy the unlimited long distance calling for as low as $30 each month. However, these packages are only available in the United States and Canada while other service providers also offer international unlimited packages.

The VoIP is a digital technology which as can be said at the moment is the way in which every communication system is headed. This provides the user with an extensive feature set as compared to the traditional telephones.  Some of the features of this new innovation are non-existent even in the conventional telephones while some which exist are integrated into greater ones. Some of these features are greatly enhanced such that they are able to also help in cutting down on costs. One of such features is the Virtual phone numbers. Since the VoIP is not based upon geographical locations, subscribers are able to always create any area code that they have to a given number that they are using at the time. This gives every subscriber the freedom of choosing any area code that they might want their phone numbers to have even if they do not reside in that area. Even though this is charged, the cost is significantly low and there are other lots of ways of saving calling costs by the use of a virtual phone number.  Another interesting feature about the VoIP service is the conference calling feature.






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