Wholesale VoIP

Are you interested in running your own VoIP system? Do you retail phone service for VoIP products? Would you like to reduce your overhead while still providing reliable service?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should seriously consider wholesale VoIP service. If you have enough technical savvy, you may be able to use service from a wholesale VoIP provider to make extremely cheap domestic and international — without a subscription rate to a phone company.

Our chart below compares the different services (the major points of comparison for wholesale VoIP are the different services offered) that wholesale VoIP providers offer. Once you see what these different providers can offer, you can investigate more deeply by contacting the providers directly.

What is Wholesale VoIP?

Wholesale VoIP is any type of VoIP phone service that does not target a specific user group, like home phone users or business users. For the most part, wholesale VoIP is targeted at owners and operators of VoIP services and consumers with the technical expertise to build a phone system with very little traditional customer support.

Wholesale VoIP can give extremely cheap routes to a variety of international destinations, reduce your overhead on international and domestic calls, and allow you to leverage other service providers’ strengths — without making the sacrifice yourself.

What features are important for a cheap wholesale VoIP provider?

Chart Breakdown

On the chart above, we show you which VoIP wholesalers offer which specific wholesale services. Each of those services are explained in a little more detail below:

  • Wholesale API
  • Calling Card
  • Colocation
  • Origination
  • Termination
  • International A-Z
  • Portal
  • Toll-Free
  • Metro Ethernet
  • E911

Wholesale VoIP API

API, or Application Programming Interface, refers an available public codebase that a programmer can use to modify the routing functions of a a wholesale VoIP system to run certain processes and perform different functions.

An API is a look inside the VoIP providers system. Most programs and services that have an API also have a knowledge base to help you understand what variables will make which changes to the system.

This article from voip-info.org does a great job explaining how to use the asterisk API: Asterisk manager API.

Wholesale Calling Card

A calling card, or phone card, is a prepaid card that you can use to make calls at a lower rate than the rate provided by a consumer’s traditional telecommunications provider. Calling cards are useful when for travelers or other people that need to make international phone calls.

In the chart above, a check mark for calling card means that a wholesale VoIP system supports the sale and function of calling cards.


If a VoIP provider offers colocation, you are able to use and share the equipment and facility of the wholesale VoIP provider for a smaller fee than operating your own wholesale VoIP facility. Colocation means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money and time buying equipment, storing it, and maintaining it.

It can be very expensive to manage your own VoIP equipment. Colocation allows you to avoid the expenses of a data center, which means you don’t have to pay all the costs for:

  • telecommunications computers and processors
  • equipment repair and maintenance
  • equipment storage space in a data center

Also, colocating equipment means that you can focus on what you do best: providing a good customer experience to your VoIP customers.

If you are able to afford additional space with all of the costs of repair and upkeep, it might suit you better to manage your own computers and processors. You should also consider how much equipment your VoIP set up actually needs. If your equipment requirements don’t amount too much, it might be easier and cheaper to host it yourself.

International A-Z and Origination and Termination

International A-Z means that your wholesale VoIP provider can call all international phone numbers without any restrictions. Using a cheap wholesale VoIP system that has this feature will give you a wider appeal as a service provider since you can allow your users to make very cheap international calls.

Origination and termination are closely related terms. Origination means that a call comes from the PSTN and is received by a VoIP system. Termination is just the opposite. A call comes from a VoIP system and is received by the PSTN.

Therefore, your wholesale VoIP system needs both origination and termination in order to allow users to make incoming and outgoing phone calls.

Origination and termination and International A-Z are all closely related. The price for each of the calls depends on a variety of factors: the quality of the route between the rate centers and countries, the length of the conversation, and the rate center’s proximity to the origination and termination destination.

More on VoIP origination.


A wholesale VoIP portal is your way of interacting with the personalized settings on a VoIP system, like the voicemail settings, for example. It is an important feature, especially if you will be using the wholesale VoIP system for yourself.

Most wholesale VoIP providers offer some kind of user portal: their service is Internet-oriented so it makes sense for them to allow you to do work on your system over the Internet.

Toll free

Toll free refers to whether or not the wholesale VoIP can process toll free calls.

Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet is a service from a provider that allows a business to connect to the Internet and also to its other branch offices in that region. It can also give a business better, faster Internet service (and better and faster VoIP phone service).


E911 is the mandatory technology in the US that allows your wholesale VoIP system to connect to public emergency service. It is very important for legal reasons that a VoIP system be able to connect to local emergency numbers. Each of the providers with a check mark for E911 service supports E911 connectivity in the United States.

Other things that you will need to be a wholesale voip provider:

Wholesale VoIP systems require a few other things that you will need to check out. You will need to install new hardware or software that will act as an interface between your old technology, i.e., your current computer, and your new VoIP services.

This would be something like Asterisk or any other IP PBX system.

Cheap wholesale VoIP is a great choice for many people interested in working in the telecommunications world, or in advancing their current business with better technology.

Visit our partner, globalwholesaletelecom.com, for another look at wholesale VoIP solutions.

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