IP PBX Benefits

The Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange is working by altering the IP telephone call to the traditional type of circuit switch call…

The internet protocol private branch exchange or IP PBX, it is a phone switching system which allows one person to talk to another internally in their local system and in the external sites on the other telephone lines. People who are using this system can make VoIP-to-analog, analog-to-analog or the VoIP-to-VoIP calls. There’s also the accustomed private exchange branch or known as the PBX, it involves only an analog line so that internet protocol private branch exchange will become newer as well as much flexible in technology.

How will it work?

The Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange is working by altering the IP telephone call to the traditional type of circuit switch call, so the combined data and voice communication are in a single line. With the old PBX, there is a need to send a data and voice communications to 2 separated lines. Having a converged line, people who use IP PBX can access online, speak in the VoIP phones and talk to the analog type of phone by using similar networks.


When you’re setting up your personal system of IP PBX, you will need their hardware, software and telephone for the PC. There’s an open source type of software that has no charge like that of Asterisk internet protocol private branch exchange. If you like to opt, using the third party host IP PBX, you will just need to download its software.

Different Types of IP PBX

The IP PBX can be used in 2 ways, for business and home communications. Firstly will be in setting up a non hosted type of IP PBX computer hardware, so sending the information to the machines and converge every line of communications. The other alternative is in using the hosting type of IP PBX service, it sends your channels to the 3rd-party equipment of the company. If you use VoIP for small business then this is perfect for you.

The 2nd is really simpler because you do not need to purchase or even install all the software by yourself. And, it will mean that you will be accessing the professionals that will be able to help in the troubleshooting the issues that might arise. There are people who like to prefer having a complete power over the IP PBX. People that are savvy with technical aspects can truly save, economize your savings because of using a non hosted type of IP PBX.

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