Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is important in the VoIP as a feature. It allows you to forward your VoIP number to any number in the world. If you get a number in a country you are residing in, you can forward that number to any country number. It will cost you per minute charges but it is worth it if your traveling. Also it is best if you have a mobile number in a different country and your family wants to reach you there so they get Call Forward to that number and they can reach you for a local call price.

How it Works

VoIP companies also offer services so you can forward to any number in the world. If your interested this is called “Follow Me”. Also a virtual phone number can be allocated to you so you can international call forward to any number you wish. Most companies may give this free but some may charge as it is expensive for the services.


You can login to your providers website and add in your call forwarding numbers. It is truly that simple and can save you a lot of time. If you are not tech savvy, then you can also call the customer service number and tell them to make the changes. All you need is a phone to forward your number too.

As mentioned previously, call forwarding can be activated with several choices: all calls forwarded to another phone or phone number; calls forwarded when the main line is busy or if unanswered; calls incoming from select callers and more. The choices will depend upon what your phone company has to offer.

Call forwarding is also a standard feature on many call center software packages.

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