911 Services

But there are always other ways such as a special E911 service that you can use.

Everything has issues as well. While normal PSTN services guarantee a good 911 services, VoIP is not regarded as a 911 service. You cannot dial 911 from your VoIP phone because since it is routed through the internet, the local police cannot track where you are located. But there are always other ways such as a special E911 service that you can use.

How does it work

A VoIP number is different because you’re not registered to one specific location. You are able to move your number to any internet connection. This allows you to dial free long distance calls. In an emergency, you will need to setup a service where 911 personnel can know where you are.

According to the FCC, now it is required for all VoIP services to provide a free E911 service because so many people are switching to VoIP. E911 will register your address with the local center and when you call the emergence number they will immediately know it was you. It is required that you use the E911 service.

What you will need

Without E911, it is illegal to use a phone service. Before this was not a big deal when over 80% people used PSTN services but now that the tides have changed towards VoIP, it is required by law to use E911. It is best to choose the VoIP service that allows that. Make sure to check with the service before signing up.

Even if you have to pay extra for this service, it will still allow you to save alot of money on your phone bill without a doubt. Because of a few dollars, you cannot risk the lives of your family in times of emergencies. Using VoIP will get you extra features which are not possible with normal landlines.


Most providers offer a general 911 service that does not guarantee the center to know your address but why take that risk. Most big VoIP providers do give E911. Services such as Vonage, Phone.com, and Viatalk are among the few who give this service to use.

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