What does Facebook mean for VoIP?

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Do you have a Facebook account? Most likely you do. Since the launch of Facebook, people have been using the service like crazy. There are more than 250 million active users using Facebook. No other website in the world has this much of a consumer base. What does this mean for VoIP? Well it can only mean business. We will discuss the effects of social marketing with Facebook and show you the benefits.

More Customers

VoIP requires mass customers or earning profit is not possible. In any business, the more customers the better. If one percent of those 250 million users would use a Facebook Application on a daily basis than think of the potential there. The integration of Facebook Apps and VoIP Softphone can provide a interface that would be very powerful. The Facebook users could make calls right from their Facebook page. This would make it easy and hassle-free. VoIP is known for different types of softphones. Why not make one universal softphone that is web-based?

If a VoIP provider can give this service than they will dominate the VoIP market because most people want ease of use. They want to click a button and it will do the calling for them. The easier it is the more customers you get.

Good Platform for Development

In terms of API, Facebook provides freedom. One can create applications that are unimaginable. If games like Farm Ville and Mafia Wars can be made with Facebook Applications than a VoIP application is more than possible. Facebook provides a Canvas Feature where developers can implement their code and create any app of their choice.

Facebook uses a special coding language called FBML (Facebook Markup Language). For a aged developer, it will not be tough to pick it up. With FBML, VoIP business can pull information of customer’s friends and use there registered phone number to call out. This is all possible with Facebook.

As you can see Facebook VoIP can really boost customer and easiness of a VoIP service. It is easier sad than done because creating a Facebook application to work with VoIP is not that easy. It will take a team of strong developers. But one day, VoIP will shift into social marketing. Social Sites already provide the user base so why not use it for you user base?

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