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Free VoIP calls in this recent era are similarly simple like Mobile Phones and Landlines. The awareness of computer and Internet technology execute VoIP world and let Internet users to make a good use of it and moreover it also attract a new users towards Internet. VoIP also brings a free and affordable calling rate; technically speaking it is not possible without using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocols).

In this blog we have posted about many VoIP service providers and VoIP calling offers abut this time we will show you how to make free VoIP calls with Gizmocall. To make any calls using computer you should suppose to be equipped with following stuffs like: Latest version web browser: Mozilla Firefox is recommended, Microphones and speaker.

Gizmocall service works similar like Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Gtalk, Hence the above listed technical need are essential. This is a web based service so call you need is to visit the official site dial the number and start making calls in smart and easy way. There are some necessities and requirements to use this service and will be helpful if you know it well.

Operating Systems : Windows 200 or XP, or Mac OS10.3.9.
Hardware: microphone and headphones.
Application: Latest Version Browser and Adobe Flash Player.

If you are fully equipped than you can make any types of calls from friends to business. It’s recommended that before making calls register yourself because unregistered user will possibly suffer from limited minutes of calls duration. For the record if you are not a registered user then your call last longer to 5 minutes and if you are registered user then your free call will be for 10 minutes.

Conclusion: Using Gizmocall is quite easy because you can start making calls from web browser itself. And next thing is it offers free calls for 10 minutes at each registration and 5 minutes for non-registered users.

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