Vopium iPhone App with 3G Calling!

0 Comments 14 January 2015

Vopium has released its new 3G calling app for iPhone used for making free calls to Vopium users, Skype users and Gtalk users also on places where Wi-Fi is not present by utilizing the 3G data network. The good news is that by using this new updated iPhone app, Vopium users are not required to pay any local charges or call set-up charges of operator and they don’t need to keep hunting for Wi-fi hotspots.

Download the latest Vopium app from iPhone app store now and stay connected with your friends and family using the instant messaging feature on Skype, GTalk, MSN, Yahoo, AIM and ICQ. Going into more details about the updated software for 3G calling, just choose the option and make calls over 3G, without getting restricted by Wi-Fi presence. If you are not using it before, download it now and get 30 minutes free talk time and 30 SMS free. 3G data/VoIP calls are disabled as default on the software but you can easily enable it from settings in the new Vopium app. In case you are out of 3G reception zone, switch to WiFi or the regular calling.

In addition to this, Vopium’s app for iPad will also be soon available on the new iPad app store so that you can convert your iPad into iPhone. Presently download it from here to enjoy cheap international VoIP calls and SMS from iPad, using your regular mobile number. Also discover our highly competitive and affordable calling rates on our new packages such as “Call Pakistan” package that offers only EUR 0.03 per min, and other packages “Call India” (EUR 0.01/min),” Call Bangladesh” (0.01/min), “Call the World” (0.01/min) and “Vopium 2 Vopium” package where you can call/SMS other Vopium users for as less than EUR 0.05/minutes.

We believe Vopium’s latest apps for 3G calling and iPad will increasingly become popular because of their easy-to-use features and neat interface. Until now the only way to make calls was through Skype but finally surpassing the market dominance of Skype, Vopium challenges to become the next VOIP provider of voice and video calls using iPhone’s 3G connection.

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