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VoIPRaider is another one of Betamax and Dellmont Sarl’s sister company’s. Betamax has many such companies like VoIPRaider that give free calls to many destinations. Even though they do give free calls, please be aware of their clauses so you do not get yourself stuck with a provider you do not want to be. Before we explain the VoIPRaider clauses we will review their service and call quality.

VoIPRaider Review

Like any other Betamax service, VoIPraider provides all users with SIP service that can be used from any country worldwide. Your account is given a specific username and password that is only accessible by you via a softphone You can use the tutorial on How to Configure XLite Softphone for VOIP because Xlite is the best softphone which is free and reliable.

When choosing a VoIP service you need to take into factor the voice quality and the rates. The voice quality was tested to country’s such as United States, United Kingdom, and India. It was decent quality with a few glitches. The calls lasted up to twenty minutes. It took a couple tries to get connected but still acceptable in terms of their service.

Next factor is the pricing which is extremely high for any VOIP provider. Calling India will cost $0.040 per minute without VAT. Calling Bangladesh will cost $0.043 per minute. These are high prices for these countries especially India where it is 400% higher priced than any other provider. VoIPRaider is only recommended if you would like to make free calls to the countries they support. Apart from that, you will spend too much money with them and they are not a cheap VoIP service.

Free Calls with VoIPRaider

VoIPRaider offers free calls to 30 countries including many of the major countries in the world. The issue with such services is that usually they give free calls to countries that are already fairly cheap to call such as the United States, China, U.K., and more. Most individuals need to call countries in South Asia, Africa, South America which are seen as second or third world countries.

With VoIPRaider you can call these countries free of charge:

China (+mobile)
Czech Republic
New Zealand
Russian Federation
United Kingdom
United States

What’s the catch?

New customers will receive 60 minutes of free calls to the countries in the table above. After the free minutes are complete, you will be charged the per minute rates stated on their website. Every week paying customers will receive 300 minutes of free calls. To be considered a paying customer, you must add $10.00 of credit. This is unfair to many people who would like to make free calls to the countries in the table because they most likely will never finish their $10.00 balance. VoIPRaider is only beneficial to those who make many calls on a daily basis and need such a service.

VoIPRaider can be used from any device that has SIP capabilities such as mobile, IP phone and computer. It is an acceptable service if it fits your needs (for most it will not). There are much more reliable and better services out there so if you want to just use VoIPRaider to attain the 60 minutes of free calling then by all means do so. VoIPRaider will need to better their pricing and deals to attract a majority of the VoIP customer base. We do not believe VoIPRaider to be one of the best VoIP providers.

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