voipPro Betamax VOIP to PSTN Service Review

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Wholesale VOIP to PSTN Service Review

voipPro is a service for business to business users. These services are mostly for small business and shop owners who need to make phone calls. They offer three services at different rates, and provide 1 second billing. The services are:

  • voipPRO GREYroute: lowest possible rates, no guaranteed quality
  • voipPRO Standard: low rates, good quality
  • voipPRO Premium: slightly higher rates, very good quality

This is yet another Dellmont Sarl and Betamax service. They are new to the market and is recommended to use until there rates get high again. They also provide SIP settings to use with your phone or softphone:

  • Username: username
  • Password: password
  • SIP/Proxy registrar: sip.voippro.com
  • Domain/Realm (optional): voippro.com
  • STUN server: stun.voippro.com

This is one of the cheapest voip calls out there because of Betamax. This service is perfect for business looking to make many calls. Take a look at this for VOIP to PSTN Betamax calls.

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