VoipGain – New Betamax Service Review

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New Betamax Provider – VoipGain Review

Betamax provides users with cheap VOIP calls. They introduce a provider every month, VoipGain is the newest of the services. VoipGain has excellent rates to many countries. But Betamax providers are not well known for there consistent rates. They will introduce a great rate and when many people start using it they bump the price up to some outrageous number. This is the Betamax trend, but you can get the cheapest voip calls with Betamax.

There strategy is to offer the best rate to a country that is called alot like India and user are sure to join there service. It is a good strategy for business perspective but not for consumers. Betamax providers are recommended to be used on a temporary basis. Lets see VoipGain’s cheap voip calls.

VoipGain gives excellent rates to India are 1.2 EURO cents/min, Bangladesh is 2.0 EURO cents/min, UK is 1.2 EURO cents/minute. The rates are in euro so they will need to be converted to dollars or whatever currency you will pay in. The rates are nothing special, there are better providers like Rebtel who gives almost 75% better per minute rates.

VoipGain calls can be made by many methods, the most convenient would be SIP softphone. The settings to configure your softphone such as Xlite are:

  • SIP port : 5060
    Registrar : sip.voipgain.com
    Proxy server : sip.voipgain.com
    Outbound proxy server : empty
    Account name :  username
    Password : password
    Display name/number : username or voipnumber
    Stunserver (option) : stun.voipgain.com

Some other methods consist of local access numbers or Phone to Phone where you will need to pay for both ways. Overall, VoipGain does not provide any unique rates or features that better and dependable services like Localphone, Lingo, or Rebtel can provide. But Betamax Service Providers should be used to get the cheapest voip calls when possible.

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