VoIPDuniya Calling Card Service Review

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VoipDuniya Review

VoipDuniya is a new service that launched just recently. There service is a calling card service available from 3 top countries. The service is allowed from US, UK, and AU. But that is if you will use there phone to phone service. They also have a web phone and SIP settings. So this service can be used by anyone in the world if wanted.

As we have seen with all new additions to the VOIP market, they always start of with cheapest voip calls. This service has not introduced anything of that sort. There rates are not impressive because India is at 1.7 cents/minute. Well that is honestly too high for India when Lingo gives it for free.

There service can be used from mobiles WIFI or normal phones. They have SIP settings so you can configure your favorite softphone to take care of it. They offer a pinless calling card service which uses the rates listed on there website. They also charge a per minute rate to call there local access number service. This is ridiculous because it is a toll free access service which should ALWAYS be free. Unlike other services like Betamax, VoipDuniya offers secure payments through google checkout. This is a plus side because you can rest assured that your information is secured.

They also provide SIP settings for those who want to use there computers or mobiles to make the calls. Use these settings with a SIP device:
* Username: VoipDuniya username
* Display name, Authorization username
* Password: VoipDuniya password
* SIP Server/Real/Domain or Proxy: sip.voipduniya.com

so as VOIPDuniya does have many flaws, they also have good sides that might attract people who don’t really mind paying a little more to get extra services like payment security and sip services. Try VoiPDuniya Calling Card service today.

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