VoIP Wholesale Termination: Non CLI vs CLI routes

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If you’re interested in VoIP wholesale termination, then you need to understand the concept of CLI. CLI stands for simply, Caller ID. Caller ID is an important feature in VoIP. Caller ID is when calling another phone, your number will appear in there Caller ID so they can recognize it is you.

Why is CLI important?

Usually when calling locally in your country, you do not need to worry about caller ID because it is something that is guaranteed. When calling internationally, you are not guaranteed the CLI feature so it is the responsibility of the wholesaler to check thoroughly. In VoIP wholesale termination, one can choose to allow CLI routes or to not allow them. Usually for termination providers, CLI routes are more costly than non CLI so they choose not to because customer always wants cheap rates with good quality.

Keep in mind that, CLI has nothing to do with quality at all, it is just a special feature that some try to provide. Therefore, customers just want good quality and CLI is not of importance. So termination providers just give the non CLI route because it is cheaper.

Pure or Fixed CLI

If you’re a wholesale termination service, then you need to know if your CLI route is pure or fixed. The difference between the two is slightly important when choosing the routes to supply. Pure CLI means a full caller ID will pass-through to the caller where a fixed CLI means a lesser quality CLI is provided.

Give CLI or not?

This is solely the decision of the provider. End customers like you and me, do not complain as much about this feature because truly we only care that we get a good connection. Therefore, if you find a cheap calling card that gives such a feature then by all means go for it.

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