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The current world of communication technology presents an environment where time and distance limitations do not matter any more when it comes to communication. This is because the latest inventions aim at eliminating all barriers which comes with distance and time. VOIP is one of such innovative means of communication which keep evolving every now and then. However, the question many people ask themselves is whether VOIP has what it takes so that it can replace PSTN. To get the right answer to this question, you have to look keenly at the technological aspects of the two.  Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is a system that uses circuit switching.

PSTN Advantages

Some of its advantages include:

  • It uses technology that is well established.
  • It has easy maintenance
  • Its set up process is easy
  • It has simple procedures of usage

However, it has its disadvantages too.

PSTN Disadvantages

PSTN disadvantages include:

  • Limited scalability
  • It requires a  dedicated line for a call to be completed
  • It does not allow optimum use of bandwidth
  • It also has high calling charges

On the other hand, VOIP is the latest phone technology. It uses Packet switching technology for the   transmission of data. As such, it has increased rate of transmission. VOIP has several advantages which you should know before switching to it.

Advantages of VOIP

  • It has a concurrent data transmission capability, video and voice
  • It has a better scalability
  • It has a better utilization of bandwidth. This is because data is compressed to a better format as pass over the network.
  • VOIP uses the World Wide Web as its backbone. Since this is a public domain, the network has minimum hardware requirements.
  • It also has reduced call charges as a result of maximum utilization of bandwidth. This makes VOIP a modern, cheap and effective means of communication.
  • VOIP also has free value added call services

It also has disadvantages.

VOIP Disadvantages

  • Sometimes the sound quality becomes unpredicted
  • It may also require you to have some knowledge of emerging communication technologies to use it effectively.


Therefore, if you are at a fix not knowing whether to use VOIP or PSTN, you can consider the advantages and disadvantages of each to come up with an informed decision. However, it is advisable to use VOIP since it is overtaking the existing means of communication. This is because with VOIP you will experience modern technology and save on the cost of making your calls.

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