VoIP Reselling 102: A Residential VoIP Provider Turned Reseller

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Are you interested in becoming a VoIP reseller? There are a lot of VoIP companies that have plans for VoIP resellers. If you are thinking of becoming a VoIP reseller, you should make a careful study of all of the companies with wholesale VoIP options.

This is a quick overview of VoIPo, residential VoIP service provider that resells VoIP. VoIPo has a particularly intuitive plan, and they give a good overview of what it means to be a VoIP reseller.

VoIPo for VoIP resellers

How it works

When you become a VoIP reseller with VoIPo, you choose to pay a monthly fee of $24.95 or a yearly fee of $199 to VoIPo, and in return you get access to their VoIP network’s control panel.

A VoIP service provider spends a lot of time and money assembling these control panels. A VoIP control panel represents years of work and lots of money. In the case of VoIPo, it took 3 years to put together their panel and a $1 million investment.

VoIPo then provides you with a reseller control panel that you use to access the VoIPo nationwide VoIP network and to provide service to your customers. This means that your VoIP service is hosted: the VoIP calls that you and your customers make are routed by the VoIP hardware that VoIPo stores and maintains, rather than by hardware that you store on your premises.

You never come into contact with any of this hardware. This is beneficial to you, as it means you don’t have to maintain any expensive equipment, or worry about any updates, repairs, or technicians.

What are the costs involved?

The initial fee of $24.95/month covers your right to use the VoIPo system, and the basic included features:

  • a free VoIP adapter
  • 3 free phone numbers
  • 3 free 911 calls
  • 1000 free minutes per month
  • $10 worth of usage credit

VoIPo’s reseller features are placed into a pool for company use.

For example, if you used 1 of the free phone numbers for your own business phone line, then you would have 2 more phone numbers that could go to customers. Once you have more than 2 customers, you pay $1 more per phone number.

Once you and your customers have exhausted your free minutes, you must pay for additional minutes at a rate of $0.01/minute for incoming calls and outgoing calls. These rates are immediately charged to your account. You must keep a certain amount of money in your account at all times. If your account ever drops to $1, your account is immediately put on hold, and you won’t be able to use the VoIP network until you have added more money to the account.

You can set up an automatic money transfer from your bank account or credit card to your VoIPo account should your account ever reach the minimum amount. However, if you are worried about running out of money in your account, you can put a cap on the number of minutes that you customers can use so that you will never deplete your account.

Your Customer Experience

VoIPo makes it easy for you to become your own company and to represent yourself well to your customers.

Your customers use a customer control panel to control their accounts. You can have these control panels personalized to feature your company name and logo.

In addition, you are in charge of billing and pricing. In this way, it is up to you to see that you make a profit. VoIPo suggests that you charge your customers $24.95/month for phone service. Many of your customers will be used to spending around $50/month for telephone service, so your low rates will be a welcome change.

You can sell a variety of services to your customers. You can sell home phone service, business phone service, toll-free numbers, fax-to-email service, voicemail services, and certain pbx features, among other options. Really, your customer options are up to you and how ambitious you feel as a service provider.
Should you choose VoIPo for your reseller service?

VoIPo is a good choice for VoIP resellers who don’t mind that they won’t have complete control over some of the design functions of their system. It’s not the most hands on reselling option that you could choose.

If you are interested in running your own telecom business, the VoIPo plan is a very good place to start, but it may feel constricting to someone who wants more of a technological challenge.

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