VoIP Reselling 101: Introduction to Reselling

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As VoIP has become an increasingly popular choice for phone service, there have been a lot of new career opportunities created, especially for people who already know a few things about the telecommunications industry.

If you are tech savvy, if you have ever worked in IT, if you have some experience managing a business, or if you want to offer a calling service for your family or friends, then you might be particularly interested in the chance to become a VoIP reseller.

We’re starting a series on the topic, so pull up a chair — and learn how to resell VoIP.

What is a VoIP reseller?

A VoIP reseller is basically a middleman between the VoIP service provider and the customer. You build your own business but use the VoIP provider’s VoIP network to supply calls.

Many VoIP service providers have affiliate programs and plans available to encourage you to act as a VoIP reseller. For the company, VoIP resale is a way to sell VoIP service wholesale and make a little more money (diversify revenue streams, in corporate speak).

As a VoIP reseller, you get to build your own company without the worry of maintaining all of the hardware of the VoIP system. You are still on the receiving end of a hosted VoIP system, which means that you can provide VoIP services without the cost and trouble of maintaining a lot of complicated and expensive hardware.

How does reselling VoIP work?

VoIP reseller programs work by giving you access to the inner workings of the VoIP service provider.

Typically, the number of customers you have determines the amount of access you have to the control panel and the different features therein.

You have to pay a fee to your parent company in order to become a VoIP reseller, but these fees are generally comparable to the fee of getting VoIP service for any other purpose, like setting up a VoIP system for your home. For example, the monthly cost to become a VoIP reseller with VoIPo is $24.95/month or $199 for a year-long subscription (more on reselling with VoIPo in part 2).

You recover the cost of this monthly fee as sign and bill customers. You set the rate that you will charge and you’re also in charge of billing. You can set up a website and a logo: basically, you do everything to establish the company, you just lease the service from another source.

That is, most customer accounts will come to you “preprogrammed.” They have the included benefits and bonuses that the VoIP service provider thinks are good for the customer, like some free minutes and 1 or more free phone lines.

What kind of VoIP service can you sell?

There really aren’t any limits on the services you can sell as your own VoIP company. Among many services, you can easily sell:

  • Residential VoIP
  • Business VoIP
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Voicemail service

You can even use this VoIP service to set up a phone system for your own home or business.

If you are interested in becoming a VoIP reseller, check out our other articles about companies that offer VoIP reseller programs, and our articles on the process of becoming a VoIP reseller.

Part 2: Residential VoIP Reseller

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