VoIP For Small Business

Picking a cheap VoIP provider is a great choice for a small business owner. VoIP systems for small businesses have many advantages over other phone systems:

  • Low cost
  • Easy organization
  • Automatic call routing features
  • Hassle-free installation

Use the chart below assembled for you by CheapestVoIpCalls.net to get a picture of which cheap VoIP providers will work best for your small business.

Owning a small business is a challenge. Owning a small business VoIP provider can help you simplify your office management by removing the stress of high phone bills and extra maintenance.

How can VoIP help your small business?

If you own a small business, then you likely know too well the difficulties of maintaining a tight budget. A small business VoIP provider will make it easy for you to provide your office with a reliable phone service, while minimizing your expenses.

Cheap VoIP providers offer low rates for small businesses. All you ever pay is that low rate that you agree to when starting your VoIP service. Some VoIP providers charge a low fee for international calls in addition to your low rate, but these fees are also very low.

In addition, many business VoIP providers offer some free international calling. These may be included free minutes, or free calling to certain countries.

If your company depends heavily on international calling, this can lead to some significant savings for your business.

For example, with Phonebooth.com, you would spend about $0.04/min to call a client in Japan from a US location. Compare this to a call to Japan with AT&T using standard roaming charges: this call would cost about $2.29/min.

On top of this, there is a big difference in rates for domestic calls between VoIP providers and standard telephone companies. Cheap VoIP providers have free unlimited calling in the US. For Verizon, any nationwide call costs $0.06/min.

And these costs are on top of the monthly calls that a standard telephone provider charges. For Phonebooth.com, starting fees are $20.00/month. With Verizon, starting monthly fees for the iPhone 4 are $70.00/month. And that’s just for a cellphone. A single office phone with Verizon costs $63.50 a month for basic unlimited nationwide calling.

In the beginning, VoIP was designed specifically for use in the office. For that reason, the basic layout and design of a VoIP system works in your favor as a business owner.

For example, most of the default features of a VoIP system were designed to be used by a business, like the hosted PBX, a component of most major small business VoIP providers.

PBX stands for public branch exchange. It refers to the technology that handles the call routing services of a phone system.

It used to be that a PBX would cost a company a lot of money. A traditional PBX is made up of a lot of expensive equipment that will also require extra maintenance. By itself, a PBX unit costs thousands of dollars (a 4-line TalkSwitch PBX costs around $1,500 retail). In addition, a qualified PBX technician costs around $50 to 100 an hour.

By comparison, a hosted PBX doesn’t cost you any extra money. This is because a hosted PBX is actually hosted by your business VoIP provider itself. This means that all of the extra equipment and maintenance fees are managed by the VoIP, instead of by you.

A small business would not be able to function without a call routing service. A cheap business VoIP system will provide you with an easy, cheap way of providing your company with this service.

This also means that your office’s phone lines will be conveniently organized by your VoIP system, making it easier for you as a business owner to examine your office’s calling habits, and incoming and outgoing calls.

Most small business VoIP providers also now provide Find Me/Follow Me features, and voicemail to email capabilities.

With Find Me/Follow Me, you can program your office VoIP to call several numbers sequentially in order to find you if you are away from your office phone. This way, you can be reached on your mobile or home or any other programmed number if you are frequently away from your office during the work day.

Voicemail to email allows you to check your office voicemail through your email from any location where you can access your email. This will greatly simplify your ability to keep up with your office messages if you are away from the office.

Installing a hosted office VoIP system is incredibly easy; it is also very inexpensive when compared to the installation costs a traditional office phone system.

Small business VoIP providers do not charge any extra fees for installation because, for the most part, all you need are extra ethernet cables connected to your router. Top-of-the-line IP phones are more expensive than analog phones, but most modern phones work with data and with analog phone cords.

Equipment costs

4 extension office system with small business VoIP

  • 4 $25 Panasonic KX-TS105B Phones
  • $100 total

4 extension office system with traditional phone service

  • 1 $1,500 PBX
  • 4 $25 Panasonic KX-TS105B Phones
  • $1,600 total

Of course, if you already have a phone system, consider using SIP trunking. A SIP trunk is a VoIP replacement for an analog phone line. SIP trunks are less expensive than traditional phone lines and may also have additional VoIP features (that you wouldn’t get with a traditional phone line).

And should you need to make a change to your office VoIP system, it can be done easily. Whether you need to add or remove an employee’s phone number, or if you are moving your office, it can all be done with just a few adjustments that you can make on your VoIP provider’s Internet dashboard. In the end, adding a new extension comes down to little more than plugging in a new phone.

A cheap VoIP system is a great solution for any small business trying to maximize efficiency in its office phone system. Don’t let your office productivity be hurt by missing out on a cheap, reliable small business VoIP system.


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