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Do you remember the days of using a dial-up internet service? The lengthy delay and series of buzzing sounds indicating that your modem was “dialing-up” and connecting has become an emblem of a by-gone period. Now we have internet services so fast that the only delay we deal with now is the few moments it takes for the computer to power up. Despite that newer technology is right at our finger tips, many businesses are still using outdated fax machines. Using those old machines is not much different than utilizing the dial-up internet services. There is a better option out there. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, technology is a fast, secure method of sending faxes that nearly any person or business can utilize.

How is VoIP faxing faster than what I am using now?

Provided that you have a strong internet connection, VoIP fax service may be just the thing that you need to update your faxing technology. VoIP is a phone service that operates over the internet. Unlike the old technology where you utilize a clunky machine and an analog line to transfer your documents through multiple locations to get to your final destination, VoIP uses digital, binary technology to send your faxed data more direct and much faster. The analog method costs more because you incur a higher cost each time your signal in transferred between locations.

It might be helpful to better understand how faxing technology works. Basically, a fax is a telephonic transmission of materials that were scanned into the machine. The machine uses a telephone line to transmit the text or images through a type of audio-frequency tone. At the destination, the receiving machine interprets those tones and creates the image onto a piece of paper. Depending on how far away this transmission is going and how much “noise” is on the line, the speed of transmission will be impacted.

VoIP faxing uses the same concept, but the transmission process is entirely different. The faxed data is digitized and sent via the internet rather than the telephone line. The process may utilize a computer, email, or a standard fax machine. The transmission speed can happen almost instantly if there is a strong internet connection.

How Do I Get Started?

It’s very easy to get started, plus you have a couple of options available to you. First, you will need to review the VoIP options that are available to you. Sign up for a plan that will meet your needs and allow some degree of flexibility.

If you want to keep the physical fax machine in your office, you are certainly able to do so. Instead of sending the data via the analog line, you switch to the digital VoIP approach. The fax machine serves as a scanner to convert the paper document to an electronic one that you can then send from your computer.

If your fax machine breaks or you no longer want to use it, it is completely acceptable to use VoIP. You can simply scan the document and send it electronically. If you don’t have a scanner available, it’s entirely possible to take a good photo of the document with a smart phone and send it to your computer that way!

Why does VoIP cost less?

Using the old-school fax technology requires that you have a working fax machine and an analog telephone line connected to the machine. Fax machines wear out over time and fixing them entails either a costly repair or the purchase of a new machine. Furthermore, fax machines require the use of toner and paper. If you eliminate the machine entirely you are saving money on the cost of paper, toner, fax machine purchases or repairs, and the analog phone line. These items can easily save a business over $100 a month. If your company has multiple fax machines, you can multiply these savings for each designated phone line and machine.

Utilizing an inexpensive VoIP fax service usually requires only a subscription per month and covers a set number of faxes. You can sign up for the service based on how much you expect to send and receive. Sometimes, these services are as low as $5 a month. If you are a really infrequent user, you may even be able to get a service entirely for free.

Other Reasons to Use a VoIP Fax Service

VoIP fax service has a lot of benefits for every individual or business owner. In addition to being a very fast and inexpensive way to send fax transmissions, it can also be set up to increase security. Data sent via VoIP can be fully encrypted so that data is now viewable until it reaches its final destination. Furthermore, VoIP allows you to set up a number of digital options to receive your faxes such as sending them email, a special file on your server, and many other options. Take a good look at VoIP fax services and see how it can help ensure the security of your faxed transmissions and save your business money.

Selecting the Right VoIP FAX Service

Like any service, you will need to do some research to find the best service that will meet your needs. Before signing up for a VoIP service, you will first need to consider a few things about your business:

• How many faxes will we send per month?
• How many employees will be utilizing the fax service?
• How important is security?
• What are we currently spending per month to have our fax machines/analog lines?
• How much are we spending per month on fax paper and supplies for the machines?
• Are my fax machines covered under warranty or relatively new, or do we need to look at eliminating them altogether?

Once you have answered the questions on this list, you should be able to take that information and compare it to the various VoIP services available to you and make the best choice that best meets the needs of your business.

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