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VirtualPhone Gives Free DID’s

VirtualPhoneLine, a partner of DIDx, is providing small businesses and personal users a free DID in 50 countries worldwide. In 2010, communication has increased majorly. Now marketing via online presence is not enough to win over your customer. Having a local number in the country of operations is crucial to the betterment of your services. Therefore a local DID number is needed.

What is DID?

DID stands for Direct Inward Dialing. The general idea is that you can purchase or get a local number in a different country which will forward calls to your local destination in a different country. This allows for the person calling to be charged local prices to reach you instead of expensive long distance rates.

A DID can show your customers that you truly want to give them the best support possible. It will win over your customers against your competition.

How VirtualPhoneLine works

The process is simple. You register and purchase a phone number of your choosing in a country you want. Then you are able to forward the number to SIP, a number, or a Instant messenger client. Yes, you can even forward it to your Skype account so your relatives abroad can reach you on your Skype client, that is neat.

Each account comes with 5000 free minutes to redirect to IM Client like Skype. If your forwarding to a phone number, then you will have to pay the per minute rates for the calls. You can even set up VPL with a PBX like Asterisk.

Apart from the normal calling features, VPL offers faxes, voicemail, Facebook integration, call recording, and much more. Like, VPL also offers SMS sending via your DID number. The rates for sms are different, so be sure to check your destination.

The Verdict

VPL is top notch. While I was using it, there were no issues at all. The other side was able to listen to me perfectly. The delay to connect to the other destination was short. Therefore, overall VPL is a excellent service to use. Creating a local presence is not expensive anymore due to VPL. Now any business or individual can have a number in over 50 countries worldwide.

VPL is recommended for all users!

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