Valentines Day Giveaway by MoCall

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Mo Call is a Mobile VoIP service for international calls. They are a strong company that gives good service. February 14th or better known as Valentines Day, is a special day for all lovers, husband wives, etc. It is a day to be with your loved ones. For those who unfortunately have to live far away from there loved ones, VoIP can help.

VoIP is a connection that reduces the distance and allows you to speak with crystal clear quality to your families. Mo Call is providing one lucky winner a $100 gift of free credit. It is simple to be the winner of these awards. All that is needed is to go over to there Facebook and twitter page and share your love message with your special one.

The best love message will be deemed as the winner of the Mo Call Valentines Day Giveaway. Not a bad way to do marketing. You can take part in this offer if your a new or old customer. The only problem with Mo Call, which in our opinion, is major would have to be that there rates are extremely high.

Calling India is 2 cents/minute and calling Pakistan is 7.4 cents/min! If you look around you can receive much better offers than these. We recommend everyone to take part in there giveaway because it is free but stay away if you have to call on a regular basis. It is too expensive.

Therefore, check them out for the giveaway.

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