Valentines Day Free Call VOIP Services

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Valentines Day Free Calls

Valentines day is a time to be with our loved ones. Some live far away from our loved ones and so communication is only possible via phone. VOIP is the cheapest way to make a phone call but still it can get pretty costly. VOIP providers are giving free calls during Valentines day so everyone can enjoy there time. There are 3 providers giving very good offers, lets check them out.
Localphone is giving free calls to 34 countries worldwide. These include many european and asian countries. It does not include India, Bangladesh or Pakistan but if your calling some of the main countries then this offer is good for you. The offer is no hidden fees, no extra charges just the free calls. No strings attached unlimited calls to 34 countries. A good offer, and you can get more info at

Truphone is giving free calls to 30 countries. They are also doing this with no extra fees of any kind. The 30 countries entail: Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, South Africa, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy.That is a big lis tof countries that usually are very costly to call. Take part in this offer if you want to connect to your loved ones.

Now we have reviewed uVOIPit before but they are indeed special. All the above countries are giving free calls to select countries. uVOIPit is not giving free calls to countries but they are giving an offer to add only $2.50 to your account. This means you can add a risk free $2.50 to your account and not worry about making a big commitment by adding $10. This is why uVOIPit is so special. They are trying to make customers happy. This does make everyone happy. There rates to India, UK, Bangladesh, Pakistan and more beat all the rates of all providers. Great opportunity to use them!

Try out these providers for cheap calls during valentines day. Have fun!

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