uVOIPit Cheapest Calls to Bangladesh, India, Pakistan

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uVOIPit – Perfect VOIP Service with Cheap rates

uVOIPit is a revolutionary VOIP service that launched just a few weeks ago. They have the cheapest call rates to over 100 countries. There rates beat Localphone and Rebtel. uVOIPit is a calling card service that is giving its users a opportunity to save money. Many other providers try to cheat people by charging hidden fees but uVOIPit does not charge any extra fees. You pay for the time you talk, that’s it.

Calling through uVOIPit is simple. All it requires is a landline, mobile, or computer. Phone to Phone calls require the user to be in the United States as there service is only from the USA. PC to Phone calls can be dialed from any country in the world. We have also heard that there service works from the UAE now. The uVOIPit service team is very good. They are for the customer and want to win there trust.

Calling card services will always be at the top because they are so simple to use. You can dial from anywhere and the calls will work. It provides flexibility and freedom. uVOIPit gives the cheapest rates with the best quality. There connections are superior to many other services but at times there are issues. This is considerable as the rates are cannot be found anywhere else.

Lets do a little comparison:

  • Localphone Bangladesh Rate: $0.0315
    Localphone Pakistan Rate: $0.059
    Localphone India Rate: $0.018
    Localphone UK Rate: $0.012
  • uVOIPit Bangladesh Rate: $0.027
    uVOIPit Pakistan Rate: $0.05
    uVOIPit India Rate: $0.018
    uVOIPit UK Rate: $0.009

You can view there full price list at Calling Card Prices.
Clearly uVOIPit beats every single Localphone rate by a huge margin. Pakistan is offered at almost 1 cent less and others almost 0.5 cents less. We have tried this service personally, and recommend to all users. Many voip providers come to be just to steal peoples money and scam people. uVOIPit is here to stay and they will slowly dominate the VOIP market. Start calling with uVOIPit for cheap calls to Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and hundreds of other countries.

Also they are giving $0.25 for trial calls. After signing, they will verify that its a good account and add money to your account. Don’t lost this opportunity!

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