Use Google Voice to save on Mobile minutes

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Are you like thousands of cell phone users who have a limit to how many minutes they have per month? Do you always worry that you will run out and have to pay surcharges? Cell phone carriers have setup ways to steal money from their customers on extra minute usage. Some providers charge upwards of $1.00 for each extra minute. If you think about it, this is truly crazy.

Google Voice is a perfect way to bypass using your mobile minutes. Even though GV does not support any SIP service to make calls with, one can use another software called YateClient (Yet Another Telephone Engine). Yate is a SIP based software that also allows many other features such as:

  • SIP, IAX and Jingle Client
  • IM Chat via Facebook, Google Talk and Jabber
  • Add unlimited SIP accounts

The greatest part of YateClient is the ability to use Google Voice to make phone calls. This is a good feature because many people get charged extra for no reason. Follow the steps below to setup Yate with GV:

  • Go to Create an Account
  • Choose Google Talk account, click Next
  • Use Provider = GTalk, Protocol = Jabber, Domain: — Click next
  • Go to Yate menu, click Advanced Mode.
  • Now your ready to call, choose your GV account from the menu and none for Protocol.

You are ready to make Google Voice calls. You can call anyone in the USA for free without using your mobile minutes. This is a great way to save money. Below is a video by our friend at TruVOIPBuzz. Please check it out and try it:

Originally posted 2011-03-22 20:25:57.

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