Two Solutions for VoIP For Small Business

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Do you run a small business in your local town? If you do then it is almost guaranteed that you do make phone calls. Tradition PSTN (telephone lines) cost upwards of $100 to $500 per month. This is too expensive to make calls according to us. Almost 90% of small businesses have a internet connection for there computers, so why not use VoIP for Small Business?

If an organization uses VoIP then they can save 50% on there phone bill each month! So if you pay $200 on your bill, then you can save $100 per month! And in on year you can save $1200! That is truly the power of VoIP. There are many routes to make use VoIP for small business, one route is IP termination.

VoIP IP Termination

If your business uses Asterisk, VoIPSwitch, or any other kind of VoIP software to call, then this is for you. All you have to do is hunt down a wholesale termination provider which will give you the routes. Then you setup your switch to send calls through your provider. This is called IP termination. This technology will allow you to use your office phones to call but you will need special phones. These are called IP phones and can be found for about $50. If you are not liking this solution then the next one is Internet Calling.

Internet Calling

This is one of the easiest solutions to use but not the best for big businesses that are interconnected because you can’t call Extensions to reach your different departments. This requires a computer as well because you need to use a SoftPhone software to make the calls. All that is required is SIP settings from your VoIP provider and you are set to make calls.

Overall VoIP for small business can save you a ton of money on your phone bill. Internet Calling and IP termination are a great way to make cheap voip calls.

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