TrueRoots True India Plan = Not good!

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TrueRoots is a old VoIP provider for calling India. They are an addition of TATA Communications but they do not live up to its name. TrueRoots has introduced a True India Plan which is advertised as 1 cent/min to India. A typical person might fall into these tricks and start using TrueRoots but with some research it is distinguishable that it is much more expensive.

If one views there True India plan located here. You can see that they advertise as 1 cent/minute but there are many clauses to get such a deal. Nowadays, the VoIP market is strong towards India because of the huge population living abroad but still the prices have not hit the 1 cent mark. The only way VoIP services can give such cheap prices is if they have other clauses.

Some of the clauses:

  • Expiration date on Credit
  • Hidden Fees
  • Minimum Balance requirement
  • Huge upfront costs
  • Per minute billing

These are among the few clauses that big name companies put against a customer. TrueRoots has a combination of these which in the end actually bumps the rate to India to much higher than a cent. For example, they have a 60 day balance expiration. So if you are unable to use your balance in 60 days then it will automatically be zeroed. Some customers do not call as frequenlty as others so this is absolutely not fair for them. Second, for example, TrueRoots requires the user to have a minimum balance of at least $6.00. If you have $6.00 in your account than you receive the 1 cent/min and if not than you are bumped up to a much higher price.

Even an addition to this you must pay a $9.99 per month fee to avail this offer. With these payments, you only receive 600 minutes. So you will pay $16.00 with only 600 minutes. With simple math, this is 2.6 cents/minute. Even though you will be charged 1 cent/min but keep in mind you must always have $6.00 in your account. We have to hand it to TrueRoots for being brilliant marketters but if your thinking about purchasing, please read the Terms and Conditions to determine the clauses.

Even though it is TATA Communications and they are one of the oldest VOIP services, that does not necessarily mean they are the best. Please check other services on CheapestVoIPCalls to find much cheaper and clause-free deals.

Originally posted 2011-03-19 02:11:40.

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