Transfering Betamax Address Book Contacts Trick

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Easily Transfer Contacts from One Service to Another

If your a regular user of Betamax, then you are aware of there actions. Every month a new Betamax services hits the market and they have a new VOIP softphone software. And if you want to keep the cheapest voip calls possible then you always have to switch. Switching is easy for those who do not have a contacts list but for people who do this is a pain to keep adding them in every time Betamax services are switched.

Betamax softwwares for free voip phone calls is being used with 30 services right now. So switching is a pain and this trick can be used with any of the following providers: VoipBuster, VoipStunt, InternetCalls, VoipDiscount, FreeCall, VoipCheap, PoivY, SparVoip, NetAppel, SipDiscount, WebCallDirect, LowRateVoip, JustVoip, 12Voip, Nonoh, SmsDiscount, VoipWise, VoipRaider, SmsListo, BudgetSip, VoipHit, DialNow, CallEasy, InterVoip, VoipZoom, SmartVoip, ActionVoip, Telbo, Jumblo, VoipBlast, Rynga and VoipGain.

So now let’s see a general example of how to switch contacts from for example, voipGain to SmartVOIP:

Export the contacts from VoipGain to PC:
First login to voipGain software
Tools >> Archive contacts >> Backup contacts to file
It will download username.vcf file in your PC.

Import the contacts in smartVOIP from PC:
Then login to smartVOIP software
Tools >> Archive contacts >> Restore contacts to file
select username.vcf file from your PC.

That is it. Now every time you switch betamax VOIP services you will always have your contacts with you. This is a great trick to save you a lot of time. Transferring Betamax Address Book contacts is very simple and should be used by all users.

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