Top 4 Benefits of SIP Trunking

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Calls calls calls. In order for businesses to manage all incoming and outgoing calls, companies with extensions employ a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system that connects callers to the proper departments and extension lines. The cheapest way of doing this is by investing in a VoIP system (also known as Internet calling).

However, connecting in-house Internet calls to a traditional landline phone system is very expensive. That’s why a SIP trunk is so useful. A SIP trunk attaches to the PBX and translates all outbound and inbound calls into cheap Internet calls.

Furthermore, the number one reason to get a SIP trunk is to only pay for the amount of calls that a company needs. For instance, if a company has 20 employees and chooses a hosted VoIP PBX provider for $19/month per extension, even though that company only experiences 5 concurrent calls at any given time, the company is going to spend about $380 each month.

On the other hand, if a company has 20 employees and chooses a SIP trunk (which typically run for $15/trunk), and only expects a maximum of 5 concurrent calls, they only have to subscribe to 5 SIP trunks. If the SIP trunk is $15/month per trunk, this means that the company only pays $75 each month. That’s a monthly difference of $305!

Below are some of the best benefits that SIP trunking has to offer.

1. Cheap Calling

Making phone calls over the Internet is more efficient and uses better technology than traditional phones, which makes calls less expensive. As a result, most VoIP providers are able to offer unlimited nationwide phone calls to subscribers.

SIP trunking cheaper prices based on what a company actually uses, instead of paying for the ability for every phone to call simultaneously. This often makes the difference in hundreds of dollars.

2. Linked Office Networks

Multiple office networks with their own SIP trunks can connect with one another to become part of the same internal calling network. Internal calls are almost always included with any SIP trunk at no extra cost, so employees can call different offices and departments without hassle. Even offices on opposite sides of the country can be part of the same virtual internal network via SIP trunking

3. No Long-Distance Fees

SIP trunking systems use the Internet instead of outdated telephone wires and poles, which takes distance out of the equation for phone calls. Traditional phone calls use up electrical space on phone wires because a direct electrical connection must be maintained through both sides of a conversation, and the use of these wires is what costs so much. With VoIP, long distance calling is just as easy as calling next door.

4. Keep Your Existing Hardware

Business VoIP providers usually promote their hosted PBX services, which takes all of the hassle out of owning the equipment in the first place because it allows remote usage of the provider’s own PBX system. While that’s nice for companies who still need a phone management system, many other companies already have their own PBX systems in place, along with the necessary staff to run them.

Instead of firing the IT department and paying a monthly subscription fee for a hosted PBX, companies can simply connect their existing PBX system to a SIP trunk to start making cheap VoIP calls. This allows them to make changes directly to their IP-PBX system, instead of asking the provider to do it and waiting until the change goes through.

SIP trunking connects business phone systems directly to the Internet, allowing them to save money while providing a better service. VoIP calling is cheaper, better, and clearer than traditional phone calling, and SIP trunking is the back door that leads into these benefits. Switch to a SIP trunking provider today to upgrade the old phone systems into a powerful, 21st century communication network.

Matt Paulson is a technology writer and editor based out of Southern California. He is a San Diego State University graduate, and covers the latest news about VoIP innovations.

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