Top 3 International Calling Card Services

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The Best Calling Cards

Need a international calling card service? There are over one million calling cards in the world. Can’t understand which one is good to use? Cheapest VOIP will review the top 3 calling cards to call all countries around the world. Calling cards are a service for people who do not call internationally very often or are not needing to call for many minutes. They are quick, easy and always reliable. They do not require any kind of separate hardware instead of a phone (mobile cell phone or landline). Calling cards have great features like pinless dialing, speed dialing, and freedom of using it whenever needed.

It is important to know what the best calling cards are in this present time. There are three companies that stand out from the rest that provide excellent service compared to million others. A good calling card has three important features:

  1. Good cheap phone call rates
  2. Good features
  3. Good Customer Service

Those three features are features that a good calling card should provide. Without these features a calling card cannot be considered for purchase. Now the top 3 Calling Card will be reviewed below:

Comfi Calling Card

Comfi is by far the best calling card. It is reliable and trustworthy. They have a great customer service and provide a service to choose over a thousand calling cards from there service. Comfi is a service that is the mainstream distributor of calling cards in the world. So why not buy from the service that distributes calling cards to the rest of the world? This service is the leader in calling cards. Some special features of Comfi are…

  1. Pinless Dialing
  2. Thousands of calling cards
  3. Speed Dialing
  4. Top ranked customer service

Overall, Comfi is the top ranked service by Cheapest VOIP. They have so many choices and a card for every kind of need. They have cards for people all over the world including outside of USA. This makes it easier for everyone to use there service. Try Comfi today to have the best calling experience with a calling card. Sign up today!


Pingo Calling Card

Pingo is another good calling card that offers a good service. There rates might not be as good as Comfi because there services is a calling card. Comfi offers thousands of cards wher Pingo is one service one card. There rates are still good to use. The speciality about Pingo is there special deals. They offer great deals during holidays and randomly. During December, they are offering a $10 free calling card. It is a great offer to take part on. Some features they offer entail:

  1. Recharge anytime and anywhere
  2. No hidden fees
  3. Speed Dial
  4. Pinless Dialing

Pingo is a service that should be put on the list of services to use.

Boss Revolution Calling Card

Boss Revolution is not a calling card entirely but the great part is that they have that option. Boss Revolution is a service by IDT Corporation, the United States best phone call company. Boss Revolution provides the rates of VOIP but provide a seperate service to use the calling card feature. You sign up with a phone number and then go to features to print out a calling card. Then you can use the calling card from everywhere possible. Boss Revolution can be compared to Localphone, the best provider for VOIP calls. They have a great rate to many countries like India, Bangladesh, UK and more. This is a great service to use for people who want a long term VOIP service plus a calling card whenever needed.

Top 3 Calling Cards Overview

Calling cards are very important and therefore many people use them. The top 3 calling cards are Comfi, Pingo, and Boss Revolution. If you want a reliable phone call with great rates use these services. These cards are for calling international calls and are the three best ones. Try them out!

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