Top 3 Innovative VoIP Services of 2011

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VoIP has reached new heights in 2011 (so far). This year has been innovative for all different fields of technology from tablet PCs to mobile devices. But in terms of VoIP, old and new services have spurred up interest in taking VoIP to the next level. Last year we predicted that the future of VoIP in 2011 was going to see prominent increase in user base and innovation. That is exactly what happened and the results can be seen with innovative VoIP services. Provides are aiming to dominate platforms for mobile telecommunications. The prediction for the future of mobile VoIP in 2012 is bleak but we hope to see more innovative ideas. VoIP is growing at an exponential rate which has a correlation with the amount of new startups that debut. It is crucial to separate the best from the average and the top 5 innovated VoIP services of 2011 will be reviewed.


Web Calling with

TVox.iohe traditional methods of making a VoIP call was via applications, landlines and mobile phones.’s innovate new platform enables individuals to make calls via a web browser. No more downloading of software or setting up SIP settings is required. Customers are able to make a direct call from their web browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari and their caller ID that is attached to the account is shown on the receiving end. is the only such service on the Internet today that allows for such brilliance. The process of making a web-based call is simple. Their interface is fine tuned to not lead users astray. Web Based Calling

Web Calling by

Upon entering “who you want to call” in the box above on their website, it will automatically connect to their phone number. has been in beta mode for the past few months but they provide each customer with $0.50 upon registration. Their call rates are fairly expensive compared to other services but it is understandable as they are testing. We advise that since they are in beta testing, please be patient if any issues occur and share that knowledge either here or send a request to their support team. Such companies are not seen on a daily basis so that is why they have been honored by being one of the most innovative.

Voice Applications with Twilio

Twilio hits the top of the list because of their innovative techniques to allow any individual or business to create VoIP applications. Cloud based communication is fairly new to VoIP and Twilio is one of the first. With knowledge of a vast array of languages that they support such as PHP, Python, Java, C, Ruby and much more, one can create interactive applications. If you run a online retail business, then before purchases you can verify the phone number of a customer by using Twilio. This will lower fraud by hackers and provide a positive business experience. Individuals can create IVR menus, account verification, SMS applications, and VoIP applications. The possibilities of Twilio with VoIP are endless. The video below explains the power of Twilio clients and how normal people can create applications in seconds.

If you develop websites then the easiest language to code Twilio in is PHP. With a few lines of code you can send outbound calls via Twilio to any country in the world (per minute rate applies). The greatest part of Twilio is that they give every user $30 free credit to test their service. So you do not need to invest any money to start trying the system. Innovation comes from ideas that helps users ease their life. Twilio deserves to be in the top innovative VoIP companies of 2011.

Skype is now Microsoft

Microsoft and Skype VoIPOne of the biggest headlines of 2011 was the purchase of Skype by Microsoft for $8.5 billion. Skype is a major player in VoIP for all consumers worldwide. Their voice and video chatting application is the smoothest and most reliable on the Internet. With over 663 million customers worldwide, Skype’s total number of voice and video minutes totals 207 billion. Whatever  Skype is doing is working effectively as to catch the eyes of business giant, Microsoft. The Windows Mobile platform will most likely be integrated fully with Skype as to increasing the usage of mobile VoIP. Apart from Windows Mobile, Microsoft Live Messenger service (which is free) will be integrated as well. The Skype acquisition was a positive one in terms of integration. We covered previously the future of mobile VoIP in 2012 and stated how the user base will not be as high. Integration of Skype into Windows Mobile will be a big step and will allow them to compete with giants such as Nokia, Android and iPhone.

Microsoft -> Skype -> Facebook

As of now Facebook does not provide a good experience for video or VoIP calls. Skype integrated with Facebook will pose as the best innovate integration in history. This powerful duo will better VoIP experience entirely. One could speak directly with their Facebook friends without having to add them to Skype. With this idea in aspiration, Skype is regarded as one of the top innovated VoIP companies in 2011.


The Innovative 2011

What is InnovationVoIP has been increasing without bounds in 2011 then any other previous year. With more people understanding the power of VoIP, it is becoming an accepted technology into society. Individuals are disregarding PSTN system to switch over to VoIP services., Twilio and Skype are changing the world of VoIP with their increasingly innovative ideas. Skype has been covered before as one of the top VoIP services of this decade prior so there is no doubt that they will continue to amaze us. We advise all VoIP services who would like to make a name for themselves to do something new and worthwhile. We do not want to see the same type of calling card businesses sprout out as they are plentiful. What we want is innovation such as’s web based calling, Twilio voice applications and Skype’s integrations.

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