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What are the top 3 Softphones?

Softphones are used extensively on computers for PC to phone calls. They are perfect for those people who travel, who don’t have a mobile or land line phone, or people who want to save valuable minutes on there mobile plan. There are hundreds of softphone applications that VOIP companies develop. If you know Betamax, then you know that each Betamax service has there personal softphone. A good VOIP user always uses only one softphone because almost always if a service provides a softphone they provide SIP settings. Entering these SIP settings into any softphone application will allow you to use that providers service through the 3rd party softphone.

Softphone’s should not be purchased at all. They are free and will remain free always. The paid ones are no better than the free ones. So always try to get the free ones as they are extremely reliable and good. Out of a hundred Softphone, three applications stand out from the rest.

Xlite Softphone

The best softphone in the world is Xlite. They provide superior service. There application is flawless and no problems with it at all. The application is small and works on any operating system from PC to Mac. The application also provides video through webcam feature. You can use it as a web conference tool as well. It is also able to record voice and video calls, a great tool to have. It can be used as a SIP to SIP IM service for messaging. It is a all-in-one softphone for everyone. It can only handle one SIP account at one time so you will not be able to save all your VOIP providers. This is a small issue if you have many services for VOIP. Other than that, its a perfect softphone.

Xlite Review

The Xlite softphone has a clean interface with big buttons for clicking the numbers. The keyboard can also be used to dial the numbers. The video conferencing is a side panel that displays after clicking it, without it the application remains compact. If you use any Betamax service or any service with SIP settings then it is compatible with Xlite.

SJPhone Softphone

SJPhone softphone is developed renowned SjLabs. They produve products that help people make phone calls in any way possible. There new invention is the SJPhone. Overall, it is not close to Xlite but it gets the job done. Xlite is more of a business VOIP user as it provides services like recording and video. SJPhone is more for a normal user who will only make voice to voice calls because it does not have all the features like Xlite does. It allows for customization by changing the skins of the application as well. It is for the normal VOIP user in a whole.
SJPhone Review
SJPhone has a easy to use interface but a bad interface. The buttons are small and hard to click. The screen is not visible entirely and provides issues. But as a simple softphone that gets the job done, this one is a good one to use as well as Xlite.

FireFly Softphone

FireFly is a beautiful softphone. It looks great and is extremely simple to use. It does not have a a huge array of features like Xlite but it is perfect for that simple user who does not want to indulge in technicality of VOIP. FireFly has a built in audio wizard to fine tune your computer’s sound to work perfectly with FireFly. It allows to dial multiple calls and put them on hold, this is not available on Xlite or SJPhone.
Firefly review
All these softphones are top of the line and will always be reliable. They work in the slowest of internet connections as well. Firefly is the most simplest SIP softphone for every user and Xlite is the most technical but most reliable. They are all recommended to try and they are all free. So try them all and see which one works better for your VOIP setup and service. It is easy to set them up and all you need is the SIP settings. Try these top 3 free VOIP softphone’s today.

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