The VoIP Hardware Your Business Needs to be Successful

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It can be difficult to find business services that keep your costs down but maintain a high level of service. A manager or owner who is looking for a quality phone solution that will allow their company to grow without the constraints of high phone bills needs to look into a VoIP system. Each system has specific VoIP hardware requirements that your business needs to be successful.

VoIP Phones

Each part of an Internet phone system will require VoIP hardware that is specifically designed to operate together. For example, the phones will be able to connect to the VoIP network directly and they will require external power sources to operate. It is imperative that the proper phones be purchased in order to have them work with a VoIP system.

VoIP Hardware Adapters

A business that is working under a strict budget can save money by utilizing adapters that allow older phones to operate on a VoIP network. The only drawback to using adapters is that the old phones will not have nearly the same functionality as phones that are designed to be used on the network. But as a company transitions from a standard PBX system to an Internet-based phone network, using adapters can save a lot of money.

PBX / VoIP Hardware

Before the advent of Internet-based phone systems, companies would invest thousands of dollars into PBX systems that just seemed to keep growing. Many businesses find the transition to VoIP hardware to be cost prohibitive because of how much they have invested in PBX systems. There is hardware that allows portions of a PBX system to be used on a VoIP hardware network, and that can save a company a great deal of money.


One change a business will have to make for VoIP software that may be a surprise is that network cabling, not phone cabling, is required to connect each phone to the system. This is not normally an issue for desks in offices that already have network cabling running to them, but it may require some re-wiring to other parts of the business such as the production and shipping areas.

VoIP Router

Along with a standard Internet router, a business will need to invest in a VoIP router if it wants to utilize Internet phones. This is a special kind of VoIP hardware that is designed to allow the smooth flow of voice data from the network to the phones. A standard Internet router does not have the capacity to run a VoIP hardware network.

VoIP Gateways

Where adapters allow a company to connect individual, old phones to their new Internet-based phone system, gateways allow entire PBX systems to connect directly to the Internet. A gateway can be extremely convenient for companies that have old PBX systems in certain departments and do not want to have to rewire those departments or get rid of the old hardware. Once again, some functionality is lost, but the basic service of making and receiving calls is still intact.

Web Cameras And Microphones

Each company has their own preference as to how they set up their video conferencing services. With a VoIP network, a company can create a situation where there is a functional web camera and microphone at every desk. The more practical approach is to designate certain rooms and work areas to have web camera and microphones to allow for more efficient video conferencing.

VoIP Switch

A VoIP hardware network sometimes requires a little assistance when it comes to activities such as transferring calls. A VoIP switch is either a hardware device or a software program that allows phones on the network to be able to transfer calls within the network.

Edge Components

While an Internet-based phone system uses the same Internet service that a company’s Internet network does, it stands as a separate entity from the Internet network. That means that the VoIP hardware network must be able to protect itself from viruses that can be sent through an open port on the Internet at any time. Edge components, also known as edge devices, are used to protect an Internet-based phone system from viruses and to monitor the network to warn against possible infections.

Security Surveillance Cameras

A significant advantage that Internet-based technology offers a business over analog phone lines is a significant expansion of available bandwidth. This means that businesses can now do much more with their phone networks than they ever could. This includes setting up a network of video surveillance cameras for security purposes that can be monitored and run completely over the VoIP network.


An Internet-based phone system can also act as a warning system when there are extra, audible alarms installed. Any VoIP phone network can have audible alarms installed that can be used throughout the network for any reason that the business may have.

IP-Based Fax Machines

When a business installs VoIP hardware, all of the hardware runs through a computer network that can be accessed by everyone in the company. That means that it is possible to set up a virtual fax server that can send, receive and store faxes for each person in the company.

However, some companies prefer to have physical fax machines at certain locations for a variety of reasons. Any company that requires a fax machine to be part of their VoIP hardware can simply buy and install an IP-based fax machine that will connect directly to the VoIP network.

Paging System

Even in this age of advanced technology, many companies still require the ability to use audible paging systems to get the job done. A good VoIP network has the ability to act as a paging system that will send out a message over every phone on the network, or only to select phones in designated groups. This would eliminate the need for an overhead paging system and create a more efficient paging system.

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