The Top 5 Ways that VoIP Reduces the Phone Bill for Companies with Offices All Over the Country

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Choosing VoIP phone service is always a good deal for businesses, big or small. All types of businesses can benefit with a cheap business VoIP plan. Not only is VoIP less expensive than traditional phone service, but nearly all VoIP providers offer a ton of business-ready features at no additional cost.

VoIP is especially useful for businesses that have nationwide offices. VoIP lowers the overall phone bill and it makes conducting business with multiple offices a lot more efficient.

While this list is by no means comprehensive, here are the top 5 ways that VoIP makes it easier for companies with multiple offices to save money and boost productivity.

1. Never Pay Long-Distance Fees

VoIP calls are sent through the Internet instead of phone lines, which means geographic distance no longer factors into the phone bill. Most VoIP providers do not charge long distance fees nor roaming fees. In fact, most business VoIP providers offer unlimited nationwide calling. This is crucial for businesses with offices all over the country.

2. Cheap International Prices

Businesses that need to make international calls to manufacturers or suppliers can rest assured that those international calls will only cost pennies a minute with VoIP. Just like long-distance calls, calls made to other countries simply hop onto the Internet for a cheap and efficient connection. Many business VoIP providers offer unlimited international calling to go along with unlimited nationwide calling.

3. Completely Scalable Extensions

Whether using a hosted PBX or SIP trunking to handle phone lines and extensions, businesses can easily change the number of connections as they grow. Scalable VoIP extensions are easy to program so it’s simple to do things like add more phones lines in the office in San Francisco, or move an extension from the Raleigh office to the DC office, and so on. The customers will never notice any changes since they simply have to call one main telephone number. VoIP makes multiple office extensions seamless, simple, and best of all, cheap.

4. Customizable Local Area Codes

When a company signs on with a VoIP provider, they may opt for as many virtual numbers as they deem necessary for business. This simple concept actually has a number of advantages:

  • These numbers are completely customizable, including the area codes

  • When area codes are matched up to targeted regions, customers can enjoy making a local call to connect.

  • One advantage of customers making a local call is that it saves them money, painting such a business in a good light.

  • Another benefit of customized area codes is that it creates the impression that a company has multiple call centers located all over the country (or even the world). This creates the impression that the business is much larger and more successful, giving customers an even better peace of mind.

  • Custom phone numbers can even match up with a company’s existing phone number, making the transition to VoIP even easier.

5. IP Video Conferencing

One of the best features of a VoIP plan is IP video conferencing. IP video conferencing allows multiple offices to video chat with one another. This is a cheap way to conduct remote businesses meetings and save money on travel expenses.

No matter what size a business might be, VoIP phones provide enough features and savings that they can fit any niche a company might require. Put simply, VoIP is the best choice for any telephone system, in any business.

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