The Benefits of Wholesale VoIP Providers

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If you are interested in running a VoIP system of your own, retailing phone service for your VoIP products, or would like to provide reliable service while reducing overhead, you should consider contacting wholesale VoIP providers. With the right kind of technical ability, you can use wholesale VoIP provider service that is cheap both domestically and internationally. You will have no phone company subscription rate.

Nearly all wholesale VoIP providers have international A to Z, origination, termination, and toll free features. Two-thirds of wholesale VoIP providers offer calling cards and colocation features. Nearly 90 percent offer portal and 9-1-1 programs. One-third of the wholesale VoIP providers offer metro-ethernet.

For those who wonder what Wholesale VoIP is, it is any of the Wholesale VoIP providers’ services that are not targeted at a particular user group such as business or home users. As a general rule, wholesale VoIP is used by VoIP service owners and operators or consumers that possess the technical ability to build their phone systems with little customer support.

Without a sacrifice on your part, other service providers’ strengths are leveraged and overhead on domestic and international calls are reduced. Using whole VoIP means cheap routes to various international destinations.

Here is an explanation of benefits.


When a VoIP provider offers colocation, the user can share and utilize the facility and equipment of the wholesaler for a fee that is less than the cost of operating one’s own facility. Equipment does not have to be bought, stored, or maintained.

Data center costs include telecommunication processors and computers, maintenance and repair of equipment and space to store equipment. These expenses are avoided with wholesale VoIP providers who offer colocation.


In the US E911 is mandatory. The service allows a wholesale VoIP system to make connections with public emergency services. It is a legal mandate that a VoIP is connected to local emergency numbers.


Businesses can connect with regional branch offices and the internet if the wholesaler provides metro-ethernet service. The internet and VoIP service will be better and faster.

Origination, Termination, and International A- Z.

Origination deals with incoming calls from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN.) Termination deals with outgoing calls to the PSTN. Both origination and termination are needed in the system to make and receive calls.

International calls made without any restrictions are possible when the whole provider has International A-Z. Having a cheap wholesale system with the International A-Z feature makes your appeal to your users greater, because you can allow them to make cheap international calls.

The three features are closely related. Various factors determine the price of calls. They include route quality between countries and rate centers, how long conversations last, and the proximity of the rate center to origination and termination destinations.


It only makes sense for a wholesale VoIP provider to offer some sort of user portal that allows work to be done on a system via the internet. The provider’s service is internet-oriented. Most providers do offer the portal. Interaction with VoIP system personalized settings such as voicemail is allowed. The feature is most important for people who use the VoIP system themselves.

Toll Free

The feature means just what one would assume. Wholesale VoIP providers that offer the feature can process calls toll free.

Wholesale VoIP API

Application Programming Interface, API, is the available public codebase a programmer uses to change routing functions of a wholesale VoIP provider system. Certain processes can be run, and different functions are performed.

Wholesale Calling Cards

Rates lower than that of a traditional telecommunications provider can be taken advantage of by using a prepaid card to make calls. People who need to call international numbers or travelers find the calling card to be particularly useful.

Wholesale VoIP providers are entwined with telecommunication industry VoIP carriers. The focus is on developing the industry’s best technology. Low cost and high quality are taken into consideration when developing solutions. Time and money are saved by the innovative automation of operational processes and daily business. The software is designed to make managing services more efficient.

Phone systems are now alive on the internet. Callers can use any device to connect with anyone in the company. Features of the systems include a business number and professional greeting. Small businesses are made to sound like big businesses.

High-quality calls are offered to call centers with heavy volume. System Management Servers from more than 50 countries and inbound calls are received. Local and toll free numbers in all major cities are carrier grade.

An expansive and powerfully optimized network actively monitors call traffic to ensure a smooth voice communication path of operation. Extensive telecom partner networks, years of hands-on experience and a strategically placed infrastructure allow providers to give the most professional, reliable solutions possible.

Effective external and internal communication is a necessary component of every successful business. Cost-effective technology that is integrated with seamless voice and data solutions ensures that clients and companies stay connected. Seven hundred thousand businesses each month drop landline services.

Wholesale VoIP providers are partner friendly. Continual training and documentation are provided. The programs and tools built specifically for their partners makes doing business easy. New wholesale VoIP provider partnerships are formed every day. The providers, however, are not new to the industry. Some have been doing business for more than seven years. Those providing customer–centric portals on the web, allow account features to be controlled in real time. Excellent customer support and service is provided.

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