The Advantages of Using VoIP in the Office

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All businesses can benefit significantly from using a voice over IP system and a hosted PBX. These systems help companies save money, and they make organization simple. Businesses looking to cut costs should consider installing a VoIP system in order to take advantage of its numerous benefits.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. This system uses a company’s broadband internet connection to make phone calls instead of the traditional method of using wires. When a person uses VoIP, their voice is converted into a digital format, and the packets are sent through the internet to their destination.

The Main Advantages of VoIP and PBX Systems

It can be difficult at times to run a small business successfully. With a tight budget that has almost no wiggle room, it’s hard to give businesses and employees everything they need while simultaneously making a reasonable profit. Implementing a business VoIP system can help companies stay afloat because of the many advantages they offer.


When looking for the right phone service, it can be hard to find one that is a reasonable price and that also has good call quality. Most of the time, people who find a very cheap phone service provider discover that the provider has cut corners, and the call quality is bad.

With VoIP systems, businesses can have a phone service that is very cheap and reliable at the same time. VoIP has come a long way since its inception. It now offers crystal-clear calls. Moreover, people won’t have to deal with spotty service or frequently dropped calls. Because of how VoIP operates, it’s possible to have very reliable phone service at a low price.

Saving Money

As mentioned earlier, business VoIP systems generally have significantly lower prices than traditional phone services. Most VoIP providers offer unlimited domestic calls for a very low flat rate. They also will allow a business to call internationally for a small fee. This fee is generally much lower than what would be charged by traditional phone service providers. In fact, some VoIP service providers don’t even charge an extra fee for international calls. They have convenient and reasonable PBX solutions, as well. Because of this, any type of business can save a lot of money, and this money can be used in other areas of the business to strengthen it and make it more profitable.

Convenience and Portability

Another major advantage of business VoIP systems is its convenience. VoIP was originally created for businesses, and this is why this service works so smoothly in offices. It is also why VoIP is so convenient.

Employees who travel a lot as a part of their job will benefit greatly from using this service. This is because an employee can take their VoIP phone, adapter, and headset anywhere. In fact, they can call anyone from any place that has an internet connection. Because of the major advances in technology, there are internet hotspots and devices almost everywhere. For example, if an employee is traveling but needs to make a quick call to a client so they can relay important information, they can easily do so by VoIP.

Hosted PBX

Another great advantage of utilizing voice over IP services is the convenience of hosted PBX. Most VoIP providers offer PBX services. PBX means public branch exchange, and this system deals with call routing services. A traditional PBX system is very expensive and requires a lot of maintenance and costly equipment. These systems also require the expertise of a special technician who can install and work on them.

This was generally only something that large businesses could afford. However, with a hosted PBX provided by voice over IP companies, there is no costly equipment to maintain, and there’s no added expense. Instead, the VoIP provider takes care of everything and just delivers businesses the PBX services. Call routing is something every business needs. It helps increase customer satisfaction, it reduces the amount of lost calls, and it maximizes a company’s productivity. Using a voice over IP service lets businesses make use of these important features and abilities for a very reasonable price.


Another advantage of using a voice over IP system is increased organization. This service will organize the phone lines of a business. This helps managers know the calling habits of employees. Also, all outgoing and incoming calls can be easily examined.

Useful Features

VoIP offers a feature known as Find Me/Follow Me. This feature allows employees to program the system to call several different numbers, one after the other. This is useful for people who are away from the office most of the time. They can program VoIP to call their office number, cell number, and home number so that they can be reached where ever they are.

Another great feature this service offers is voicemail to email transcription. This feature will actually transcribe any voicemail that an employee receives, and then it will send the written voicemail to their email address. This allows them to read the message whenever they want so they don’t have to rush. It also lets people organize their voicemails in many ways. People using this feature will be able to check voicemail messages whenever they need to by logging into their email address.

Simple Installation

Installing this system is very easy, and it doesn’t require that employees have a lot of technical knowledge. Generally, businesses will only have to connect a few extra Ethernet cables to their routers. The cost of installing a voice over IP system is much less than traditional phone service installation. Changing anything in a business VoIP system is simple, as well.

For businesses that already have a phone system in place, SIP trunking is one possible solution. It is a voice over IP replacement for a company’s phone line. SIP trunks have many benefits including lower costs and more features.

Small businesses that are looking to cut costs and increase productivity should consider installing a VoIP system to enjoy the numerous benefits it offers.

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