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Unlimited Calling Plans from Pakistan – TalkPakistan

TalkPakistan allows callers to receive unlimited calls from Pakistan. Most services provide calls to Pakistan but this one is a service for people living in Pakistan to reach there family in the US, Canada or UK. There is no need for any prepaid calling cards anymore if you are using It is extremely simple to use because you get a personal number that people can contact you on and its direct calls like Rebtel.

TalkPakistan has 3 plans. The prices range from per minute rates to Pakistan to $50 per month. All that is required is a phone and a monthly service plan. Let’s see there packages:

1. Local Pakistan phone number
2. Unlimited incoming calls
3. No setup fees or any extra fees
4. Priced at $29.99/month

1. Local Pakistan phone number (cities)
2. Unlimited incoming calls
3. 500 free outgoing minutes to Pakistan
4. No setup fees
5. Add more lines for $14.99 extra per month
6. Priced at $49.99 per month

Pinless Service
1. 4.7 cents to Pakistan, 6.5 cents to India
2. No activation fees, no hidden fees
3. No contracts, No rounding minutes
4. Minutes rollover each month

As you can see the plans are just mediocre taking into consideration that Pakistan is one of the most expensive VOIP countries in the world. There business plan might be expensive but it is pretty good because you also get an extra 500 minutes to call your family and you can choose what cities and have multiple Pakistan cities. TalkPakistan is a good service that you can try. Keep in mind, they are absolutely new and so that means trust is an issue. So try them for cheap calls to Pakistan with there unlimited plans and let us know how it was.

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