Talk About Cheap VoIP: Phone Power Lowers Price

0 Comments 14 January 2015

Since we are dedicated to bringing you as many cheap VOIP deals as possible, we wanted to let you know about an amazing deal now being offered by Phone Power. Phone Power has now lowered their residential VoIP phone service to $4.99 per month per phone line. Now, in the telephone industry this is almost unheard of. For less than $5 per month, you can have a landline telephone service in your home.

Phone Power

At these prices, it’s foolish not to get cheap VoIP telephone service installed in your home. Of course, most people these days have cell phones, but it never hurts to have a reliable landline phone in case of emergencies and other situations. In addition, many people don’t get the best cell service at their home, so a landline telephone is necessary. Phone Power’s new $4.99 offer is one of the cheapest VoIP deals I have seen, and since I don’t know how much longer it will be offered, I suggest you look into it immediately if you are in the market for VoIP phone service.

In addition to Phone Power’s new lowered price, Rebtel has also announced some changes to their mobile VoIP app and program. Rebtel has lowered calling rates across many of their countries, and the Rebtel mobile app is much improved. If you are looking to make cheap VoIP calls from your mobile phone, check out Rebtel‘s new mobile VoIP application and start saving on VoIP today.


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