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VoIP or internet phone is an excellent type of phone service that is bundled with many useful benefits for the phone users. Small businesses as well as home phone users are the ones who suffer the most at the hands of heavy phone bills. In spite of all the heavy bills to pay, small businesses and residential phone users are still not able to get all the features that they want to have. This article will look at the different reasons because of which the future of the business VoIP and internet phone for home users is very bright.

Budget constraints

The most common restraint for the small businesses and home phone users is their limited paying ability. Using landline phone and cell phones can be an expensive affair to cope with. With the availability of internet phone, now both of them can get their pockets a rest and still able to make phone calls throughout the month without worrying about the cost. International costs were never that low cost. Now making calls abroad is also very cost effective. Residential phone users can also make long distance long duration phone calls without the need to set aside separate budget for that.

Changing needs

The needs of the home and VoIP for  small business phone users are changing very fast. In order to get themselves what they want, they cannot keep relying on the landline phone. Landline phone is dependent on the copper wire technology which has low bandwidth and poor quality of service. Besides that, its data carrying capacity is also very low, which is another key concern that limits its potential to cope with the changes of the telecom sector of the future.


Portability factor

One big reason why small business and home phone users consider internet phone is because it is never bound by the location. Take for example a typical expanding small business that needs to keep in touch with its field staff. How would an infant business be able to bear the costs of making phone calls from anywhere outside the office? One excellent way to cope with such a situation is to provide the field staff with internet phones so they can help.

Number of features

What every phone users need is maximum utility out of a phone service but getting more from less is something that we hardly find these days. Business VoIP is one such opportunity for the business owners to help themselves derive more value out of their phone service. Increase in number of features help get more facilities without paying anything additional for them. Home phone users can also take the advantage of this facility and derive more value from their phone service.

Calling rates

The calling rates that small businesses and home phone users can afford are bound by their budget. Landline and cell phone services are very expensive to use; making long distance and long duration calls from these phone services costs dearly. Internet phone on the other hand offers excellent call plans with unlimited calls within a fixed monthly budget. So, you don’t need to cough out large sums of money. Axvoice and other big names in VoIP industry offer highly competitive call rates

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