StanaCard VOIP Calling Cards Service Review

3 Comments 14 January 2015

Cheapest VOIP Calls with StanaCard

StanaCard is a calling card service. This service is offering cheap calls to India, Bangladesh, and more. Nowadays, after VOIP has taken over, calling cards have lost a little popularity. But they will always be there because calling cards are very simple to use. StanaCard is offering a December promotion for the holidays. Usually there rates to many countries are too high and this service should not be used. Overall, the best calling card provider is Comfi and everyone should try that.

StanaCard is giving 40% extra talk time to existing and new customers. If you top up with $150 then you will receive 40% extra talk time adding instantly. Well that top up value is not the best and not recommend at all so the lowest way to get free voip phone call minutes is add $20 to you account. Adding the minimum will guarantee you 10% extra talk time.

The best part of this service is the referral program and here is a trick to use. Each person reffered to StanaCard will receive $20 each. Meaning both the referer and referred will both get $20. This trick will allow you to get the entire money. Create an account and add $5, which is the minimum to your account. Then get a friend or family member, and send them the referral email. Use that email to sign up for another account and instantly both accounts will have $20 in it. This is a quick and easy trick to get double money.

Overall, StanaCard is a good service. They are expensive but this deal can make them the cheapest calling card service in the VOIP market. Get a StanaCard VOIP Calling Cards today.

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