Spokn Cheapest VOIP Service Review

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Spokn Cheapest VOIP Calls Review

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4.5 (90.0%)
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Spokn VOIP Review

Spokn is the newest cheap call provider in the VOIP market. Spokn is located in Singapore but can be used by everyone worldwide. They launched there wonderful service just a few months back. Spokn s a VOIP service that offers the cheapest voip calls by use of landline, cell phone, PC, or SIP.

Lets check what Spokn.com is offering to us

  • Cheap voip calls
  • Free Spokn to Spokn calls
  • Cheap incoming number at only $1/month from 8 different countries
  • Free incoming calls through Spokn
  • Free Call Forking (informed on all Spokn devices set up, pick up the call where you want)
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Back Service (save cell phone minutes)

This service cannot compare to say Localphone or Rebtel but they are trying to make stand with wonderful features like GoogleVoice provides, which is Call forking. This is new to the VOIP providers so take advantage of this feature. Call Forking allows for a call to be ringed at many phones. So you can pick the call up with whichever phone you want, either computer or landline or cell phone.

They allow to use there service from all possibilities. You can use it from your PC, cell phone, landline, or an SIP softphone. You have complete freedom of which you choose. Then with call forking you can have all your Spokn enable phones to ring at once. A valuable feature for many people. They have a good call back service so if you incoming is free then you should use this to save valuable phone minutes.

Spokn is a good service to try. It doesn’t take anything special to sign up so see how it is. Check out the cheapest voip service called Spokn.

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