SoftCall Cheapest PC to Phone Calls to India Review

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Non-Betamax Provider, SoftCall PC to Phone Calls Review

Overall Rating
Sound Quality
3.0 (60.000004%)
2.5 (50.0%)
Ease of Use
3.0 (60.000004%)
3.5 (70.0%)
Customer Service
4.0 (80.0%)
4.0 (80.0%)

Cheapest PC to Phone Calls

SoftCall is a not a Betamax provider that is giving the cheapest PC to Phone VOIP calls to India. Most of the time, the best rates are given by Betamax but not now. Betamax is not reliable there rates change as economy changes. SoftCall is a fixed rate and has been for many months now. SoftCall is not the best service. Lingo is recommend for unlimited calls to India at only $4.95/month. Also Rebtel is recommended over them because they have a great rate as well but SoftCall is an option for people who need to make PC to Phone Calls.

SoftCalls is only a PC client service meaning they do not have local access numbers. So if you want to use SIP application like Xlite to make phone calls then this is the best service out there. But if you want the flexibility of using local contact numbers for International numbers then Rebtel is your #1 choice. As said before SoftCall can be used with a SIP client, to set up your software to make calls, use these settings:

  • SIP Server:
    SIP User ID: username
    Authenticate ID: username
    SIP password: password
    SIP Port: 5060/5061

Enter those settings in the program (Xlite) then you will be able to make the cheapest voip calls to India and more. They provide great rates to many countries. This service would be perfect if it had access numbers so many people could use it. Nonetheless some of there rates are listed below:

Country Rate (Dollars) Country Rate (Dollars)
Hungary 0.83 Argentina 1.14
Colombia 1.17 France 1.2
Germany 1.2 Sweden 1.2
United Kingdom 1.27 USA/Canada 1.3
India 1.3 Thailand 1.42
Russia 1.49 Switzerland 1.53
Pakistan 8.9 Sri Lanka 13.0

Overall, if you look in the table you can see the rate to India is at 1.3 cents/minute. This is a competitive rate and it is cheap. Try SoftCall and see how they are. But if you want a real trustworthy service then Rebtel is the better one to choose. Get your cheapest PC to Phone calls to India with SoftCall.

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