Small Businesses Should Switch Over to VoIP Solutions Now

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Any small business that is looking to maximize revenue while cutting unnecessary costs would be crazy to pass up on VoIP. Business VoIP solutions give a business many advantages over other phone systems, including lower costs, easy installation, easy organizing and automatic call routing features that help any small business perform as efficiently as possible.

Running a small business is one of the most difficult things anyone can do. There is no reason to compound those difficulties by choosing an inferior phone solution for the business. Choosing a strong business VoIP provider will help ease the burdens since there will be reduced phone bills and less maintenance. These are just a couple of the ways that a business VoIP will strengthen and grow your business.

Make Business VoIP Solutions Work for You!

Owning a smaller company entails having to watch a budget closely more often than not. Business VoIP solutions that prioritize companies of this scale help these businesses save money and minimize phone expenses while still having a reliable phone service. In turn, this allows for more allocation on essential expenditures that really help the success of the business.

Even better, some of the best business VoIP providers will offer very low and competitive rates for small businesses. Typically, all that small businesses will pay is the low rate that is agreed upon when starting to use the provider’s service. It is worth mentioning that some providers do charge a miniscule fee for international calling in addition to the low rate, but these fees are low enough that small businesses will still save a lot of money by using these services.

There are many business VoIP providers that will offer international calling completely free of charge, so prudent businesses will shop around for the best deals. Typically, this perk will come in the form of having extra free minutes or completely free calls to specifically outlined countries and territories. For companies that depend on international calls to thrive, this benefit is absolutely essential and will obviously amount to big savings for the business.

As great as the international calling features are, perhaps one of the biggest benefits of excellent business VoIP solutions is the savings that result for domestic calls. Some of the best VoIP providers offer solutions that give free unlimited calling in the United States, while leading standard phone companies will charge as much as $0.06 per minute. Clearly, these savings will add up to a massive amount of money saved for most small businesses.

It must also be noted that these costs mentioned are built on top of the monthly calls that a standard telephone provider will charge customers. Starting fees for great VoIP solutions will be about $20.00 per month, but monthly fees for many standard providers go as high as $70.00 or more per month. Then, when potential customers consider that a single office phone from a major provider will typically cost well over $50.00 per month for basic unlimited domestic calling, the advantages of a good VoIP solution is more evident than ever.

VoIP has also been friendly for small businesses since its inception. Indeed, VoIP was specifically designed for office use, and as such VoIP systems have basic layouts and design features that will benefit any small business. Most of the default features that were originally formulated as part of a good VoIP solution were designed with small businesses in mind.

For example, a hosted PBX is an essential inclusion for small businesses and almost every VoIP solution has this incredible feature. PBX, or public branch exchange, is a technology solution that handles all of the call routing services of the phone system easily and automatically. This, in turn, allows for time saved for the small businesses that take advantage of this feature.

Previously, PBX solutions were expensive. It is not unreasonable to spend thousands of dollars on a traditional PBX solution. Hosted PBX solutions, by contrast, do not cost any extra money. The reason this is the case is because hosted PBX solutions are actually being hosted by the business VoIP provider! In other words, all of the equipment and maintenance fees that small businesses would have to put up with in a traditional PBX setup are handled by the VoIP provider. This amounts to seriously big savings.

Since small businesses will not thrive without good call routing services, affordable VoIP systems provide businesses with a simple and cost-effective way to have the essential tools that such services offer. Once businesses choose a VoIP provider with this feature, phone lines in the office will be organized by the VoIP system, and this allows businesses to better discern the calling tendencies of the office as well as incoming and outgoing calls. Plainly stated, a VoIP is the ideal choice for small businesses since hosted PBX is a dramatic improvement over traditional PBX solutions.

There are several other great reasons to choose VoIP, including the Find Me/ Follow Me features and voicemail to email.

Voicemail to email enables businesses to see what voicemails were left at the office via their email. If the owner can access email in a given location, then he or she can also check messages. This enhanced mobility and simplified messaging system allows businesses to remain cutting edge and mobile in a 21st century marketplace.

Find Me/ Follow Me features allow the VoIP system to be customized to call certain numbers in sequence in order to discern whether the owner is away from his or her office phone. As such, the owner of the company can be reached at home, on a cell phone or any other pertinent number.

Finally, a VoIP solution enables businesses to save big on equipment costs, especially when immediately compared to the prohibitive costs of a traditional office phone system. Small businesses that choose quality VoIP providers will not pay any added installation or maintenance fees, and all that will be paid for are the office phones.

Imagine that a business with VoIP needs five phones for the office. At around $40 per phone, the office would be spending $200 total. By direct comparison a traditional phone system would have the same $200 charge for the phones, but it would also have a traditional PBX system. This system could cost thousands of dollars, and any intelligently run small business could use those dollars much more efficiently elsewhere.

In short, a cheap but effective VoIP solution from a good provider is the best choice for small businesses. Efficiency will be maximized and productivity will increase all while saving serious money that is better used elsewhere. Small businesses that make this switch will be happy that they did.

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