Small Businesses Should Not Overlook VoIP Fax Providers

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Small business owners everywhere are looking for ways to save money these days. While many have made the switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for their phone service, they’ve yet to do so for their fax service. Many of them hesitate to consult a VoIP fax provider because they’re afraid the quality of service they receive will be substandard. If you’ve been considering a VoIP fax, but haven’t yet made the switch, here are some things that might help sway your decision.

How they Work

A VoIP fax machine works by using the Internet to send and receive data rather than a telephone line as in the past. The primary difference between using a landline-based system and a VoIP fax provider is the fact that VoIP systems are digital, while traditional ones are analog. As a result, VoIP faxes are sent using binary code rather than the electronic pulses that are typical of landline-based fax machines.

The fact that VoIP transmits information digitally is important, because it is less expensive to send data in digital format rather than analog. In addition, digital information can travel longer distances faster, since it doesn’t have to “stop” at intermediary locations on its way to your final destination. This means you can submit documents quicker, while enjoying an extremely high success rate.

Using a VoIP Fax System

When switching to a VoIP fax provider, you’ll find that sending and receiving faxed documents is done much in the same manner as what you are used to. All you need to do is either scan the document to be sent into your computer, or use your existing fax machine to transmit it. Documents can be sent via email, and may even be signed electronically for added convenience. As such, it is not necessary to print electronic documents before sending them via VoIP, which would be the case with a traditional fax system.

Inexpensive and Easy to Use

If you’re a small business owner, you probably need to send or receive faxed documents on a regular basis. While fax machines at one time were considered advanced pieces of technology, they are somewhat outdated today, as advances in technology have made it possible to send VoIP faxes without the need to buy additional equipment.

Indeed, fax machines have come a long way, and can now be set up to work entirely over the Internet, just like many VoIP telephone services. You don’t need a separate fax machine in order to take advantage of this technology, as it’s actually quite easy to send and receive documents via a computer, smart phone, tablet or standalone VoIP fax program.

If you’re attached to your fax machine and shudder at the thought of getting rid of it, you’ll be glad to know your current equipment will still work. Just let your VoIP fax provider know this when you arrange for service so that everything can be connected properly.

Saving Money with VoIP

With VoIP, there is no need pay for and maintain cumbersome equipment. This means you can eliminate the cost of service contracts or replacement equipment from your budget. You’ll also never have to be without service while you are waiting on your machine to be repaired, which in turn can save you valuable time.

The cost of paper and toner can be eliminated from your budget as well. You also won’t have to pay for a separate phone line, which can save you between $40 and $50 per month. All you need to pay for is the cost of a VoIP fax service, since you are likely already paying for Internet service anyway.

In short, switching from an analog fax system to VoIP can save you:

• $60 to $400 on the purchase of a fax machine
• $10 per 500 sheets of paper, when documents are sent electronically rather than being printed
• The price of ink cartridges, which can be anywhere from $30 to $50 each. As many as three cartridges could be needed for your machine.
• Cost of maintenance and repairs
• Cost of an additional landline
• Cost of electricity needed to operate the machine
In all, the average cost of sending faxes via the Internet is estimated to be somewhere around $5 for 500 faxes. The same number of faxes would cost you approximately $140 if sent via more traditional methods. As such, the more documents you send and receive, the more your business will benefit from switching to a VoIP fax provider in the long run.

Savings and Convenience

By switching to a VoIP fax system, you can save your small business a great deal of money without sacrificing convenience. When you sign on with a VoIP fax provider, sending and receiving faxed documents is simplified into a process that occurs entirely over the Internet. This means your documents can be sent and received seamlessly without hampering your other operations.

VoIP subscriptions are relatively inexpensive to maintain, and begin at around $5 per month. That amount typically covers around 500 faxes, and you can easily upgrade to a larger plan if the needs of your business demands it.

When you add up the savings, it’s clear to see that your small business could benefit greatly from switching to a VoIP fax provider. There are a number of reliable services out there that will allow you to send and receive clear faxes in virtually no time at all, thereby helping your business become as efficient as possible.

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