Skype PC to Phone Calls Review

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Cheapest PC to Phone Calls by Skype

Skype has always been on top for VOIP on the Computer and mobile phone. There call quality and service is superior to all. They provide cheap PC to phone calls and have many unlimited plans to many of the major countries. Skype is a computer application that allows users to do PC to PC or PC to phone. So you can use your computer to call other phones around the world. There are many benefits to this. Using Skype, you can save money on your cell phone or landline plan and just use Skype to make phone calls. Skype can be used from any computer in the world and only requires an internet connection.

Skype service is unique and the only one. They have cheap rates to many countries. There per minute rates to some major voip countries are:

  • India – 9.2 cents/minute
  • Bangladesh – 13.6 cents/minute
  • UK – 2.1 cents/minute
  • Pakistan – 13.6 cents/minute

Some of these rates are very high compare to other providers but they standout because of there unlimited VOIP plans. They offer unlimited calls to USA, Canada at only $2.95 per month. This is a superior rate. No other provider can come close to this price. this means if you live in Canada or USA then your friends and family around the world can reach you and talk unlimited. Also this works vice versa and if you live anywhere in the world then you can make calls to friends and family in the states.

At this price per month, it is Skype’s best service and is recommended. If you want to make the cheapest VOIP calls to USA and Canada, then Skype is the number one choice. Use Skype PC to Phone calls and save money today.

cheapest voip calls with Skype

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