Skype and Panasonic Partnership for Skype on HDTV

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In 2011, 53% of US households have some type of HDTV according to HDTV’s are becoming a integral part of peoples lives. The days of cathode tube TVs are long gone and HD is in. Skype is coming on the scene of HD by partnering with Panasonic to provide the Skype experience on HDTV’s.

Yes that is right. Now you can use your TV to make Skype video calls worldwide. According to article, the partnership will bring all of Skypes features to the Viera series of TV’s by Panasonic. They also state that the new features will include:

  • Free Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls

    Skype and Panasonic Viera

    Skype on the Panasonic HDTV

  • Calls to landline or mobile phone at Skype‚Äôs low rates
  • Receive inbound calls
  • Voicemail
  • Voice conference

These features are plenty for anyone that uses Skype. Usually laptop or desktop computers do not have high definition cameras or LCD screens, so the experience of speaking to someone on a HDTV will be much better. Technology is connecting families and friends who would never be able to see each other. Skype is able to bring together friends and families in a cheap and free way. Panasonic coming into the scene will only provide higher definition of video calling which can only benefit users.

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