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SimpleCall – Best Features, Best Quality

SimpleCall is a London based VOIP Service. There service can be used from any country in the world because they provide local access numbers in over 15 countries and a softphone for PC to Phone calls. The greatest part about SimpleCall is that they charge phone calls by the second, meaning if your call lasted only 30 seconds you will not be charged a full minutes cost. This is great way to save money if your calls are always quick.

Compared to Localphone and Rebtel, SimpleCall is still not to there level. There calling rates are great but many countries a high. But this is not an issue because of the array of features they offer. They have pinless dialing, speed dialing, and even a $1 free trial credit for just signing up.

With this free credit, one can speak to India for 52 minutes. There are no obligations and credit is required to sign up. Its easy as that. We recommend SimpleCall to be use and given a try. They have local access numbers in many countries and there voice quality is always the best. We have tested there service and recommend everyone to give it a try. If you want to send SMS to over 100 countries, then SimpleCall has a web based SMS service as well.

SimpleCall is an all-around VOIP provider and providers like these are hard to come by. Sign up and test SimpleCall today.

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