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Cheap SMS

MediaRingTalk is one of the oldest VoIP services and they have many new add on companies like Sunno. Sunno is a VoIP service but mostly they are good for cheap international SMS. They offer SMS rates around:

SMS rate to India : 1 cent/sms.
SMS rate to Pakistan : 10 cent/sms
SMS rate to USA : 1 cent/sms.
SMS rate to Nepal : 10 cent/sms
SMS rate to UK : 10 cent/sms
SMS rate to China : 1 cent/sms
SMS rate to Cuba : 10 cent/sms
SMS rate to Iran : 10 cent/sms.

These are good rates because usually it is not possible to send sms to India at 1 cent/min. Sending SMS is sometimes important when you have a quick message to give. But if your looking for calling services then Sunno might not be the best.

But if you need to send SMS then try them.

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