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Google Voice Free SMS Service Review

Free SMS GoogleVoice

Google a global leader in the internet domain is no shifting its tides towards the telecoms industry. This is bad news for many VOIP and cell phone providers but good news for consumers. They provide free sms to many countries in the world. This is not given by any other service in the world and that is why Google is a top company today.

Google Voice is still Invite only to those lucky few. But it will be free upon release. This post will talk about Voice’s SMS features. Google provides free sms to all countries it can support as of now. Your Google Voice number will receive the SMS then it will transfer over to your mobile ad be displayed as a personal 406 Google number. The great thing about this 406 number is that you can send a SMS back to the person and it will become their personal number for you to contact.

Now Google has not officially stated which countries are supported in the free SMS, but Bangladesh, United Kingdom, and India are supported as far as I have tested. There is a trick to getting your SMS to work though and it will be provided here:

Google Voice SMS:

  1. You must have a Google voice account
  2. Send a SMS to the person you want to reach (use a + sign for dialing prefix)
  3. Tell your friend/family who received the SMS to reply back to it
  4. Now, it will appear in your Google Voice account
  5. If you have your cell phone registered it will transfer to your mobile as an SMS
  6. Now you will see the “To” header has a special 406 number
  7. This number is special for your contact, and can be replied to.
  8. Now you have a personal number for your international contact

Now this may not work to all countries but it is worth a try. Do these steps and see if you free SMS is supported in the country or not. Also some new features that Google is implementing as of now include SIP settings for the VOIP softphones. Using Google Voice with Gizmo has been successful and you can read about it on the internet. Other than that, if you are successful above then you now have free SMS to your country!

GoogleVoice has now implemented free sms to over 100 countries. They provide sms to major countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and UK and obviously the USA. These countries have been thoroughly tested and most cell phone providers are supported. GoogleVoice is still in beta and not open to the general public. Hopefully, when it is public they will still give free services. Stay tune for more info!

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